Archbishop Oscar Romero

"The great need today is for Christians who are active and critical, who don't accept situations without analyzing them inwardly and deeply." - Archbishop Oscar Romero
Katie Murphy stands at the tomb of the slain Archbishop Oscar Romero
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Committed to Doing Justice: It's All About Love

Committed to doing justice is a disturbing, challenging and inspiring graduate profile. It is not enough to be committed to justice in word or intention; the goal is doing justice. May we honor it, live into it and love large.

Man as God’s Microphone: 11 Quotes to Celebrate the Life and Voice of Oscar Romero

August 15th is Archbishop Oscar Romero's birthday - he would have been 97. In honor of his birth, our summer interns from Walsh Jesuit High School put together a collection of 11 Romero quotes they find most meaningful.