"El ejemplo" | Remembering Oscar Romero

During our time together in Mariona, my new friends Oti and Aida have filled many hours sharing their memories of Archbishop Oscar Romero. The strong hug he provided in a time of struggle. His homilies echoing from every radio in town. Even the horrors that they encountered at his funeral. But, as we shared a cup of coffee in a small room of Oti’s house, I asked them for a few words to describe this man and they both had to pause for a moment. “… love… solidarity… a voice for the voiceless… the fight… the defender of the poor…” As I listened to these two women speak, one word resounded in my mind “ejemplo.”

Rutilio Grande, S.J. | 1928 - 1977

BY CHRIS KERR | March 12, 2012 Today we remember the life of Fr. Rutilio Grande, S.J., who was murdered in El Salvador in 1977 at the hands of Salvadoran paramilitary soldiers.  Grande is most often referenced for his friendship with the…

Oscars - Got Solidarity?

As households across the country prepare to watch stars strut down the red carpet at the Oscars tonight, we thought it was appropriate to remember a few films that have inspired new understandings of solidarity with our brothers and sisters throughout the world.