Pope Francis Suggests Universal Basic Wage As Possible Response Amid COVID-19

On Easter Sunday, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pope Francis has called for the consideration of a Universal Basic Wage in a letter to popular movements and community organizations on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic response.

Jesuit Father Rutilio Grande Declared a Martyr

Fr. Rutilio Grande, S.J., is a step closer to eventually becoming a saint. According to The New York Times, Pope Francis approved a decree Friday proclaiming Fr. Grande "a martyr for the Catholic faith." Analysis by America notes that such recognition of martyrdom means that Grande may soon be beatified— declared“blessed."

Lay Reflections on Rome Congress Celebrating 50 Years of Jesuit Social Justice Ministry

Christopher Kerr, ISN executive director, reflects on the Jubilee Congress in Rome earlier this month celebrating 50 Years of Jesuit Social Justice and Ecology Ministry.