Meeting Some of My Fellow Pilgrims

While waiting to board the bus to El Punto, where Pope Francis will say Mass later today, I ran into some friends who are doing great work in Ciudad Juárez. The Salesian Priests and Brothers have opened youth centers where they offer educational help and options for kids living in poverty.

Today’s the Day!

The people here in Juárez are just so excited to welcome Pope Francis today. Here’s a quick video as I arrive at El Punto, where he will say Mass later today.

Where the Pope Will Be: Sight and Sound

This is a video talking about a place called El Punto, which is now only a stage, but it’s in the preparation stages for creating a Church/Cultural Center/Mental Health Space specializing in grief and trauma. It’s pretty cool. This is where the Pope will celebrate mass, and it’s right at the border with El Paso, Texas, which you can see from there.