Maquilladoras Perspectives: A Composition of Space

This is a story that is developing, and there are always second chances. Perhaps the violence was the shake up needed to wake people up to the depth of the tear in the Social Fabric. Rebuilding IS happening as we speak. I’ll say more on those initiatives in later posts.

Challenges and Advice to Bishops

In his address to the Bishops of Mexico, the pope spoke some hard truths. He spoke to them at the Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe. He broke down his speech in four sections each of them focusing on having a gaze like the one that God has on us, and which Our Lady of Guadalupe has on God’s people. He encouraged them to have a Gaze of Tenderness, a gaze that sews, an attentive and close gaze versus a dormant one, and a gaze of unity and unified vision.

Mexico’s President Welcomed the Pope

‘You will leave a mark in Mexico. I’m sure Mexico will leave a mark on you.’ It was a nice moment. This is an outline of what Peña Nieto said during his welcome to Pope Francis.