Jesuit Conference Joins Faith-Based Call of Justice & Compassion for Incarcerated

WASHINGTON, DC - The Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States joined a faith-based call of justice and compassion for those incarcerated in the U.S. justice system. In a letter to leaders of the House and Senate Judiciary committees, Jesuit Father Timothy Kesicki, president of the Jesuit Conference, and over 20 other institutional leaders representing a range of Christian denominations, asked Congressional leaders in both houses to enact legislation that will "restore equity, end excessive punishments, promote alternative to incarceration, encourage rehabilitation and reintegration, and protect the dignity and well-being of everyone impacted by the system."
Jesuits Boyle, Kennedy and Kesicki

Jesuits Advocate for Prisoner Reintegration Programs

The Jesuits gave a boost to legislation to reauthorize and expand the Second Chance Act, a federal grant program for activities that support people returning to their communities after incarceration.