Boston College Students Say “Black Lives Matter”

In light of the recent deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Gardner, and Tamir Rice, as well as other young black men killed during confrontations with law enforcement officials, the phrase "Black Lives Matter" has taken on a life of it's own. Whether it is being shouted at rallies, read contemplatively during prayer services, or being tweeted out across the world (see #BlackLivesMatter) - the message of many Americans has been very clear --- BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Jesuit Education Leaves Little Room for the Status Quo

Saint Louis University, through its desire to not take the easy way out and its openness to acknowledge that injustice exists even within its own confines, is offering its students a glimpse of what modern-day Jesuit education looks like amid the "gritty reality” of our complex world.

Resources for Ferguson: Racism Today is the Ultimate Evil in Our World

In light of the tragic loss of Michael Brown and the continued tension in Ferugson, Missouri, we wanted to offer a few resources from Catholic and social justice contexts that relate to the issues of racism and violence that our country is struggling to make sense of right now.