Jesuit Father Rutilio Grande Declared a Martyr

Fr. Rutilio Grande, S.J., is a step closer to eventually becoming a saint. According to The New York Times, Pope Francis approved a decree Friday proclaiming Fr. Grande "a martyr for the Catholic faith." Analysis by America notes that such recognition of martyrdom means that Grande may soon be beatified— declared“blessed."

Rutilio Grande, S.J.

The Gospel has to grow little feet. Rutilio Grande, S.J.
Rutilio Grande, S.J.
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PODCAST: Beatification Process for Jesuit Rutilio Grande Opened

Paglia also shared that the beatification process of Jesuit Father Rutilio Grande, murdered in 1977 in El Salvador, was opened three months ago in El Salvador. Paglia noted the importance of this saying that it would be impossible to understand Romero with out understanding Fr. Grande.