Orlando: Jesuit Network Responds with Prayer & LGBT Community Solidarity

As the nation continues to process what has happened in Orlando, Jesuit institutions and leaders across the country have made their own offerings of prayer, remembrance, and invitations of solidarity.

Mock Border Walls Calling for Humane Immigration Reform on Jesuit Campuses Draw Anti-Immigrant Response

"Please take this opportunity to learn more about the reality of the immigrant," was the invitation that John Carroll University students offered as they erected a mock "border wall" in two locations on their campus earlier this week. Little did student organizers, who intended for the wall to create dialogue, know that it would become so controversial.
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Jesuit Institutions Across the U.S. Uniting in Prayer in Support of Pope Francis’s Encyclical on Climate Change

Jesuit institutions across the country will be uniting in prayer tomorrow (Thursday, June 18, 2015) in support of Pope Francis’s encyclical on climate change entitled “Laudato Si': On the Care of Our Common Home.”