Jesuit University Student Social Justice Leaders Converged at ISN Leadership Summit

Twenty-eight student leaders from Jesuit universities and parishes across the country converged for the Ignatian Solidarity Network’s 3nd annual University Leaders Summit from July 28-31, 2013.

Was every 30-second spot really worth $3.7 million?

But the bigger question on social media was not the final outcome for the Ravens and 49ers. It was the commercials! Were we as impressed as we should have been? Did Volkswagen and eTrade really convince us to buy their products? Was every 30-second spot really worth $3.7 million?

To Work With Them As Allies | A Practical Reflection

I attended a training for social action trainers led by George Lakey, a Quaker, visiting professor at Swarthmore College, and director emeritus of Training for Change. It was a completely empowering weekend that has given me many effective tools that I continue to use today. One such tool was the Spectrum of Allies, which provided a solution to my dissonance about wanting peace, but being angry at and accusatory of everyone else. I have since introduced this tool to several student groups involved in various campaigns at Santa Clara.