Catholic Advocates Take Prophetic Action with Asylum Seekers at U.S.-Mexico Border

Members of the Jesuit network joined asylum seekers and Catholic leaders at the U.S.-Mexico border to march in solidarity with migrant families demanding the Biden Administration respect their right to asylum.

SaveAsylum: Resiliency, Agency, & Hope from Desperation

Out of their desperation, migrants on the U.S.-Mexico border have carved out their own agency and activism through the SaveAsylum movement.


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Save Asylum: A Vigil with Migrant Families at the U.S.-Mexico Border

May 23rd marks the day that the Biden Administration is scheduled to end the devastating Title 42 policy that has restricted migrants from making a legal claim for asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border. With the end of this policy now in question, migrant families will vigil at the border and invite you to join them to learn, reflect, and pray. Make sure to light a candle between 3:30 PM ET and 5:00 PM ET on Monday, May 23rd as a symbol of solidarity with these migrants.