Clifford’s Tale: A Jesuit Volunteer’s Inevitable First Challenge

Once I finally became uncomfortable, I discovered something foundational about simple living

Jesuit Volunteer Reflects: Advent – Called to Something Simple

Last Christmas brought perspective, providing me with a crash course to my JV experience. It asked me to be present to it all—the awkwardness of something new, the season, the budding relationships. As I enter Advent with a year of JVC under my belt, I understand that Christmas and Advent calls me into something simple: time spent with those I love, those I call my community. It invites me into what simplicity has meant for me this year, an attentive presence.

In a Pickle | Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Sarah Neitz, current Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) member, reflects on how some pickling juice relates to a commitment to simple living.