Investing in Justice

My fellow parents: let us all consider how we are creatively investing in justice in the scope of parenthood! While our protesting days may be temporarily on hold (if they ever existed in the first place), our purchasing and investing power is fully present.
Sydney Browning - Georgetown University

A Campus Call to Divest from Fossil Fuels

Sydney is a sophomore at Georgetown University from Asheville, North Carolina. She is currently studying Biology and Global Health and is the co-founder and one of the head organizers of the Fossil Free Divestment from Fossil Fuels Campaign. Sydney is also involved with Georgetown's student Labor and Solidarity Group and other social justice groups on campus.

“Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”

"Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" an interview with Josh Daly, Interim Director for the Center for Community Engagement at Loyola University New Orleans about socially responsible investing in Jesuit universities.