Day 1, Ash Wednesday: Standing on Ashes

Repentance is a discipline Americans have never been good at practicing. Our country was built on the backs of slaves, built on land belonging to Native Americans, built by conquest, and conquest rarely happens without violence. We burned this country into existence, forged it from fire, nourished it with blood. Our nation stands on ashes.

I lift up Trayvon today

I lift up Trayvon today and all people who have been killed or harmed while unarmed. I pray that Love will always prevail. It is my hope that the sum of our individual reflection on inner bias, hate, and quickness to violence will amount to a great, more loving future.

Trayvon’s life is just as important as mine.

While no one will ever really know what was in George Zimmerman’s heart and mind except for him, what we do know is that Trayvon Martin was an innocent, unarmed young black boy who was killed for no reason at all.