Soweto: My Lil Sis Neo

Rather than squeezing in time during the tight itinerary of a high school immersion trip, I now had the time and energy to be present to those around me. So, I spent an entire afternoon catching up with Neo and picking up where our conversations had left off. I recorded part of the conversation so that I could share the story of my South African sister.

Free to [be]: Let’s Talk About Feminism

Like Ignatius and his group of friends, I found myself in the midst of conversations that have led to something greater. Feminism inspires me to criticize. Feminism inspires me to hope. Feminism inspires me to pray. What does feminism inspire you to be?

Violence Against Women: My Hope? Rapid Change

Far too many people holding significant power in this country do not seem to understand the social structures that influence rape, nor are they willing to admit to benefiting from a system that oppresses and violates women and sexual minorities with regularity. This is the social structure that has created space for “rape culture” to exist.