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Gerhard Pieper, S.J. | 1978 | Zimbabwe

Father Gerhard Pieper was born on June 27, 1935 in Remscheid, Germany. Trained as a biologist and as a librarian, on December 26, 1978, he was shot and killed at Kangaire, Zimbabwe. Sources: http://newsaints.faithweb.com/new_martyrs/Zimbabwe.htm http://archive.catholicherald.co.uk/article/31st-january-1986/9/jesuits-martyred-for-their-faith

Bernard Lisson, S.J. | Gregor Richert, S.J. | 1978 | Zimbabwe

Brother Bernard Lisson was born on August 21, 1909 in Wawelno, Poland. Father Gregor Richert was born on May 10, 1930 in Germany. In 1978, Brother Lisson was a 68-year-old mechanic and Father Richert was a 48-year-old parish priest; combined,…

Desmond Donovan, S.J. | 1978 | Zimbabwe

Born in Leeds, Father Desmond Donovan was ordained in 1960 after doing his novitiate at Roehampton. He then taught for five years at Saint Aidan’s College in Grahamstown, South Africa. He served for two years at Harare Mission in Salisbury,…