The Teach-In is a space for prophetic voices for solidarity with the economically poor, the marginalized, and the Earth who have an openness to an Ignatian approach to faith and justice. Get ready to be challenged, engaged, and inspired to be agents for justice and solidarity.


Sr. Patricia Chappell, SNDdeN
Executive Director, Pax Christi USA

Rev. Bryan Massingale
Racial Justice Scholar

Maria Stephan
Senior Policy Advisor, US Institute of Peace

Music & Emcees

Francisco Herrera
Musician and Cultural Worker

Lucas Sharma, S.J.
Author & Culture Editor, TJP

Emma Tacke
Assoc. Director of Community Engagement, Catholic Mobilizing Network

Large-Scale Breakouts

Saturday, 11/4, 8:20-9:10PM

Personalize your IFTJ experience by choosing from 7 large scale breakout session options on Saturday evening.

James Martin, S.J.
“Building a Bridge: Reaching Out to LGBT Catholics”

Lucy Steinitz, Ph.D.
Senior Technical Advisor for Protection, Catholic Relief Services
“Hiding in the Shadows: How to Confront Human Trafficking”

Simone Campbell, S.S.S.
Executive Director, NETWORK
“Mending the Gaps in Challenging Times”

“Illuminating the Magis Fire: Responding to Racism”

Cecilia González Andrieu
Faculty, Loyola Marymount University

Maureen O’Connell, Ph.D.
Associate professor and chair of the Department of Religion, La Salle University

Mary J. Wardell-Ghirarduzzi, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Diversity Engagement and Community Outreach, USF

“Innocence, Racial Injustice, and the Death Penalty”

“Immigration: The Human Face of the Issue”

José Arnulfo Cabrera
Xavier University, Class of 2018

Joanna Williams
Director of Education and Advocacy, Kino Border Initiative

Pamela Felipa Quintana-Salazar
Parishioner, St. Mary Student Parish

Amy Ketner
Hispanic/Latino Ministry Coordinator, St. Mary Student Parish

“Living Laudato Si’: Environmental Justice and the Jesuit Network”

Cecilia Calvo
Senior Advisor on Environmental Justice, Jesuit Conference

Aaron Durnbaugh
Director of Sustainability, Institute of Environmental Sustainability, Loyla University Chicago

Elizabeth Nawrocki
Wheeling Jesuit University ’16, Loyola University Maryland ‘G19


Sunday, 11/5

With over 25 presenting organizations in each of the Sunday breakout sessions, you’ll be able to connect with the justice issues you’re most passionate about.


HS: High School Students
US: University Students
HS*: High School Staff
US*: University Staff/Faculty
P: Parish Members
AFVF: Alumni, Former Volunteers
& Friends

Breakout Session #2 (10:40-11:30am)

The Racial Wealth Gap | NETWORK Lobby – Jeremiah Pennebaker, Claudia Brock >> This interactive session teaches participants the 10 key federal policies and practices implemented throughout American history, beginning in the late 1800s, leading to the intentional divestment of the Black community. Come prepared for dissection and discussion of how our collective history informs our present. @networklobby |All Groups| Alexandria

Fall in Love, Stay in Love: Discerning Social Justice as Vocation | Boston College School of Theology and Ministry – Ellen Romer Niemiec, Marissa Corliss >> How do you integrate your passions into your life’s work? Reflect on how your gifts can be developed and nurtured to better serve the needs of the Church and the world. Discuss opportunities for education and formation at the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry with students and staff. @bcstm |All Groups| Fairfax

La Voz de Arte | Marquette University High School – Jovanny Hernandez, Austin Piszczek >> Art can create a vital space for creating dialogue, empowering student voices, and giving students a greater voice in the community. Attendees will discuss the impact of art in their own lives and communities, and will leave with tools and resources to engage when they return home. |HS-HS*| Jackson

On Racial Reconciliation and Solidarity | Jesuit Social Research Institute, Loyola University New Orleans – Fred Kammer, S.J. >> What are the key negative arguments against immigration reform? How might Christians best respond? This session will share lessons from Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, common teachings of various churches, contemporary theology, and the importance of dialogue and collaboration. @JSRI_JustSouth |All Groups| Jefferson

Murder, Migration, and Jesus: 30 Years With the Oakland Catholic Worker Oakland Catholic Worker, ISN Board – Bob Lassalle-Klein, Chepe Zavala  >> Join Chepe, former catechist with Archbishop Oscar Romero, “capucha” torture survivor, and political asylee; and Bob, Oakland Catholic Worker founder, to hear stories about migrants from the OCW and a new global migration book project with Jesuit Refugee Service International. |All Groups| Lee

Trans 101: Magis Meets Justice and Justice Meets Understanding | University of San Francisco – Hannah Yanow, Jane Bleasdale >> What does it mean to be a transgender student in the K-12 school system? Join us to further your understanding of implications, development, and best ways to support students who are transgender, questioning their gender, and/or experiencing gender dysphoria. @USFCASOE |All Groups| Madison

Eco-Justice in the Key of Three | Teresita Scully >> Explore Pope Francis’s Laudato Si’ from the perspective of how our relatedness to each Person of the Trinity calls us to be an activist for eco-justice. Learn to apply personal relatedness with each Person of the Trinity to dynamic environmental justice. |All Groups| Manassas

State Legislatures Advocacy Bootcamp | Pedro Guerrero >> Advocacy does not and should not end upon leaving Capitol Hill. You can continue the fight by advocating in your state legislature. This session will allow the attendee to learn about their state legislators and various tactics to use when communicating with them. |HS-US| McLean

Perversion: #DontGetItTwisted | Spectrum – Jonathan Logan, John McGee >> If Jesus was out building bridges, why do we persist in building walls? In this session, we will explore the idea of perversion and its relation to racial othering by manipulating texts, ideas, and symbols to fortify an unrealistic “ideal” or “dream.” @xavierspectrum |HS| Mt. Vernon

Putting Your Mouth Where Your Money Is: Corporate Responsibility Jesuit Committee on Investment Responsibility – Mary Baudouin >> How can the investments of individuals and Jesuit works be used to bring about social, economic, and environmental justice in U.S. and Canadian corporations? Participants will learn about this effective method of social change in entities that often seem hardest to change­—big businesses! |All Groups| Pentagon A

Catholic Women Preach: Sharing Experiences & Ways of Spreading the Gospel Beyond | Catholic Women Preach – Jocelyn Collen, Betty Anne Donnelly >> Listen to the words of our Sisters as they reflect on the Gospel. Hear the experiences of women who have preached, and reflect on ways in which we can spread the Gospel and women’s preaching. @CWP112716 |All Groups| Pentagon B

“La Silla Roja: A Journey Toward Justice”: A Global Citizenship Campaign Friends of Fe y Alegría in the U.S. – Erika Meyer, Nate Radomski  >> Join Fe y Alegría, a Jesuit educational network in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe, committed to providing quality, inclusive education for those most in need. Join the community of advocates in the U.S. raising awareness through “La Silla Roja: A Journey Toward Justice.” @feyalegriaus |All Groups| Rosslyn 1

Feedback From Appalachia: The Honeymoon is Over | Appalachian Catholic Worker farm / Catholic Committee of Appalachia – Jeannie Kirkhope >> Don’t want to be a burden in Appalachia? Learn what Appalachia needs in a relationship with its visiting volunteers, building what Pope Francis calls a “culture of encounter” that will make a very real, positive, and lasting difference for all. @ThisLandIsHome |All Groups| Rosslyn 2

Continuing the Conversation With Rev. Bryan Massingale >> Join Rev. Bryan Massingale for a follow-up dialogue related to his keynote. Bring your questions and engage in discussion about how the Jesuit network can better embody racial justice and equity. |All Groups| Salon 1/2

Finding God in Your Day: Learning to Pray the Examen | America Media – James Martin, S.J. >> Learn how to discover God in your daily life, in just a few minutes. Fr. Martin has called the examination of conscience the “easiest prayer ever.”  So even if you think prayer is beyond you, come and see! |All Groups| Salon 3/4

Homeboy Advocacy: Community Organizing to Create a Community of Kinship| Homeboy Industries – Gonzalo Alvarado, Miguel Garcia, Jr., Marcos Gonzales, S.J., Miguel Lugo, Brittany Morton, Selena Prince >> Homeboy Industries provides hope, training, and support to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women. Many systems of injustice impact the lives of the men and women at Homeboy and throughout our nation. Share in a panel discussion around utilizing tools of community organizing to create a greater community of kinship. |All Groups| Salon 5/6

Black Lives Matter: Addressing Racial Disparities in the Criminal & Juvenile Justice System | The Sentencing Project – Kara Gotsch, Nazgol Ghandnoosh, Joshua Rovner, Norman Brown >> Examine the racial and ethnic disparities prevalent throughout the U.S. justice system. This session will specifically explore sentencing and incarceration inequity with regards to race, and will discuss advocacy opportunities to confront it. @SentencingProj |HS-US-AFVF| Salon A

Justitia Revelio! Harry Potter and a Lived Theology of Justice | Boston College School of Theology and Ministry – Marissa Corliss >> In this “epilogue year” of the Harry Potter series, the undercurrents of Catholic social teaching that run throughout the seven books are more relevant now than ever before. Join a conversation that celebrates and critiques the themes, characters, and plot points that can inspire a lived theology of justice. |All Groups| Salon B

Migrant: Stories of Hope and Resilience | Kino Border Initiative – Joanna Williams, Angel Aliano >> This session explores how to accompany migrants by recognizing our own migration experiences and telling stories of individuals affected by current policies. It will feature KBI’s new graphic novel, Migrant: Stories of Hope and Resilience, which presents the journeys of individuals at the border. It will also include time for practice and tips on sharing stories to humanize migrants and amplify their voices. @KinoBorder |HS-US| Salon C

Responsible Volunteering: How to Prevent Helping From Hurting | Courts for Kids – Chris Cobb >> What does it mean to be a responsible steward of our time, talents, and treasure when we want to help others? We will discuss this and how to avoid accidentally doing more harm than good when we volunteer in our communities and around the world. @courtsforkids |All Groups| Salon D

Why Consistency Matters in the Effort for Human Rights | Rehumanize International – Aimee Murphy  >> How does our shared human equality serve as a solid foundation for human rights work? What does that mean for activism and advocacy? The current U.S. two-party system’s exclusion of certain groups of human beings results in violent discrimination. This session examines how embracing a Consistent Life Ethic can ignite a human-centered revolution of culture. @rehumanizeintl |HS-US| Salon E

Listening to the Legacy of Ignacio Ellacuría: The Responsibility of Educational Institutions | St. Charles Preparatory School – Michael Warner >> The witness of Ignacio Ellacuría, S.J. challenges Catholic universities and high schools to re-center their mission on the “crucified peoples.” Participants will explore Ellacuría’s theology as motivation for analyzing the strengths and growth needed so that their own institutions are animated by an option for the poor and oriented toward the Kingdom of God.  |HS*-US*| Salon F

From Cristo Rey to College, How Does Being an Advocate for Social Justice Change? | Cristo Rey Alumni >> Cristo Rey alumni will talk about their transitions into college and life after university. They’ll share advice about preparing for college, thoughts on life at university, and how being a person committed to justice has changed in the different environments they have been in. There will also be time for Q&A. |HS| Salon G

Bringing Advocacy Back to Campus: The World Depends On It! | Catholic Relief Services – Danielle Roberts, Kelly Tadeo Orbik, Anna Ferguson >> How did Creighton get 250+ students to submit advocacy letters in one day? CRS and Creighton team up to share with you how to bring your passion for advocacy and justice issues back to campus in an effective way, using CRS’s “I am Human Trafficking” campaign resources and Creighton’s service-immersion programming as examples. @CRSUniversity |All Groups| Salon H

Half a Billion Women Can’t Read This: Why Poverty Is Sexist. | ONE Campus – Gordon Wong, Jen Fraser >> At the ONE Campaign, we believe we can’t end extreme poverty without taking action on gender inequality. Poverty IS sexist. Dive into the data and the opportunity you have to take action against extreme poverty here and on your campuses. @ONECampus |US-US*| Salon J

Rowing Into Uncharted Waters: Embracing the LGBTQ Community in Our Schools and Parishes | Jane Barry >> This session will address the challenges and gifts of allyship and will engage students, administrators, and teachers in navigating faith and sexuality for ourselves, our students, and our communities. |All Groups| Salon K

Feminism and Social Justice | Rehumanize International – Ana Plumlee >> Discuss the feminism of today and how it is not the way that feminism always has been or what it was intended to be. Catholics can be feminists, and what that means is very different from what it means to be a feminist in the secular sense of the word. @RehumanizeIntl |HS-US-US*| Skyview

Spiritual Exercises on U.S. Racism | Jesuit Conference – Matt Cuff, Lucas Sharma, S.J. >> This workshop introduces a series of reflections that connects Ignatian Spirituality and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius to anti-racism work. This workshop is an opportunity to dialogue about how Ignatian Spirituality can be a resource for racial justice work and offer feedback regarding how audiences can be best equipped with these tools.|HS*-US*-P-AFVF| See registration desk

Just Employment: Standing Up for Immigrant Workers | Just Employment Project – Alex Taliadoros >> All workers should be treated with dignity and respect, in accordance with Jesuit values and Catholic social teaching. We can put this into practice on our own campuses, especially to support immigrant workers who face great uncertainty. |All Groups| See registration desk

Breakout Session #3 (1:10-2:00pm)

Centering Prayer: Root of Nonviolence | Xavier University Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice – Greg Mellor >> Many of us struggle with setting aside adequate time for prayer and self-reflection—making us less capable of identifying negative emotions and interior violence that interfere with the values and mission of our work. Join us to explore centering prayer in the Christian tradition—a way to understand the interior self and to deepen one’s relationship with a nonviolent God. @DorothyDayCFJ |All Groups| Alexandria

Just Parenting | Ignatian Solidarity Network – Kelly Swan >> Join fellow parents for an informal gathering to discuss the joys and challenges of bringing our commitment to justice into our busy family lives. |All Groups| Capitol Boardroom

Mexico Exchange Program for High School Students | Jesuits of Mexico Gustavo Gonzales Castañeda, S.J., José Carlos Crocker >> Friendship without borders! Learn more about the exchange programs offered by our Jesuit high school in Guadalajara, Mexico! The presentation will include video, testimonials from students and faculty, and Q&A. |All Groups| Fairfax

The Importance of Language in Social Justice | The University of Scranton – Laura Manrique >> Through the use of spoken word poetry and a brief lesson in inclusive language, participants will learn and have discussions about how language affects social justice and how our words and actions can change lives. |US-HS*-US*-AFVF-P| Jackson

Changing the Civil Discourse on Immigration | Jesuit Social Research Institute, Loyola University New Orleans – Fred Kammer, S.J.  >> What are the key negative arguments against immigration reform? How might Christians respond? This session will share lessons developed during a two-year dialogue by 20+ Christian clergy and laity, including lessons from Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, common church teachings, contemporary theology, and the importance of dialogue. @JSRI_JustSouth |All Groups| Jefferson

Jesuitical Live | America Media – Olga Segura, Ashley McKinless, and Zac Davis >> Join us for a live recording of (jesuit)ical, a podcast for young Catholics hosted by three lay editors at America Magazine. We’ll bring you the top (and maybe more obscure) Catholic news of the week. And we’ll ask: Where do we find God in all this? |All Groups| Lee

Recommendations for Supporting & Including the Trans Community in Jesuit Catholic Institutions | University of San Francisco – Jane Bleasdale, Hannah Yanow >> Supporting students who are transgender is an essential current topic for Jesuit Catholic schools. In this session, we’ll explore our current research—interviewing graduates of Catholic schools who are also transgender. @USFCASOE |HS-HS*| Madison

The Revolutionary Non-Pollutionary Ignatian Carbon Challenge 2.0 – Tools to Make It Work | Cheverus High School – Mary King >> Feel like your hard work and good intentions around environmental issues fall short? Is it difficult to get everyone involved? Strategize for effective implementation of the Ignatian Carbon Challenge (or any climate action plan), using the latest developments in social science to augment your work. @cheverus |All Groups| Manassas

Brother Sun, Sister Moon: A Spiritual Call for Environmental Justice Boston College Student – Jennifer Connor >> Explore the spiritual and justice issues of environmental stewardship. Utilizing a case study, gain insights into challenges, and share experiences and growth opportunities presented by the current energy and global warming crises. |All Groups| McLean

The Global Refugee Crisis: What It Is & What You Can Do | Jesuit Refugee Service/USA – Giulia McPherson >> Today, more than 65.6 million people are displaced from their homes due to conflict and persecution. Hear an overview of the global refugee crisis and the U.S. response, including how students and activists can make a difference. @jrsusa |US-AFVF-P| Mt. Vernon

Can You Talk About Race in St. Louis? How One Jesuit High School has Started Rowing Into the Deep Waters of Race | St. Louis University High School – Brendan Underwood, Teddy Washington, Delton Utsey, Peter Curdt, Meg Beugg >> Learn the story of STARS (Student-Teacher Association for Racial Studies) promoting productive and inclusive dialogues about race through literature paralleling today’s relevant issues. How can you replicate Saint Louis University High School’s initiatives on race at your school? @SLUHministry |All Groups| Pentagon A

Minimum Wage: Crisis or Curable? | Notre Dame School of Manhattan – Rebecca Raslowsky, Amanda Msallem >> What is it like living below the U.S. minimum wage? Since 2007 the federal minimum wage has not changed, even as housing costs and other expenses increase. Explore the realities of people living below the poverty line through real-life scenarios and a simulation, and discuss how we can take action.|HS-US-HS*-US*| Pentagon B

Gonzaga Confronts Its History With Slavery | Gonzaga College High School – Ed Donnellan, Matt Johnson, Joe Boland >> Following a summer of research, our team will present how we discovered our school’s direct link to slavery in historical archives. By examining that history and working to make our community aware of the truth, we’ve dared to begin the work of reconciling and atoning with our past. |HS-HS*| Rosslyn 1

Lead Like Ignatius: 6 Leadership Traits to Effect Social Change in Your Schools, Organizations, and Communities | Loyola High School – Jim Oswald >> This “hands-on” session will introduce you to six leadership traits embraced and practiced by Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits. Immersive exercises/discussions and an insightful self-evaluation will develop a personal “roadmap” to learn how to lead a more empathetic, compassionate, and kinship-rooted way to bring about social change. |All Groups| Rosslyn 2

Encountering “Other” as Person: Homelessness, Pragmatism, and Humanity | BC – STM & SSW – Michael Mookie Manalili >> When we see the word “homelessness,” do we see a problem to fix or a “person” to encounter? Learn, reflect, and discuss frameworks to encounter homeless sisters and brothers. The session will include poetry and prayer, pragmatic philosophy, group discussion – and insights brought by you. |HS-US-US*-AFVF| Salon 1/2

Grace and Justice on Death Row: Saving an Innocent Man from the Death Penalty | Catholic Mobilizing Network – Emma Tacke, Brian Stolarz, Alfred Dewayne Brown  >> Dewayne spent over 12 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and Brian is the attorney who ultimately helped set Dewayne free. Discuss the brokenness of the death penalty and criminal justice system and take action to end capital punishment and promote a more restorative criminal justice system. @CMNEndtheDP |All Groups| Salon 3/4

Can the Faith Community Help Stop the Abuse-to-Prison Pipeline?  Sojourners – Jenna Barnett >> The vast majority of women & girls behind bars are survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and the three most common “crimes” committed by juvenile girls are also the three most common symptoms of abuse. What can people of faith do to insert infinite grace into our dangerously punitive criminal justice system? @Sojourners |All Groups| Salon 5/6

Dreamers | San Francisco Human Rights Commission – Sheryl Davis, E’rika Chambers, Nico Bremond  >> Explore how poets, rappers, and singers use their words to encourage action. Consider how King and Chavez fought for equal rights. How did Basquiat, Kahlo, and Angelou use their talent to help us dream a better world? How do the lyrics of modern-day artists like Andra Day, Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar offer hope? @SFHumanRights |US-HS*-US*-AFVF-P| Salon A

Walk in My Shoes | Notre Dame San Jose High School – Astrid Dominguez, Zaynab At-Taras  >> Wrapped in the stereotypes of today’s world; adjusting to the expectations of society; boxed into generalizations; identities being pushed aside and feeling no sense of belonging. Hear the stories of two second-generation immigrants struggling with society in regards to their identity. |All Groups| Salon B

Educate for Immigration Reform | Kino Border Initiative – Pete Neeley, S.J., Cesar Perez, Luis Delgado  >> What can you do after experiencing the immigration realities on the border with deported people? This session will help high school and university students and teachers organize around immigration reform and engagement, drawing from year of working with student groups on “next steps.” |HS-US| Salon C

Answer the Call of Laudato Si’: Working to End Factory Farming | St. Francis Alliance – Liz Holtz >> The Pope’s encyclical, Laudato Si’, was a call to Catholics and people of good faith to care for our common home. Unfortunately, the devastating impact of factory farming has largely been ignored. Learn how small changes in our daily lives and political activism can make a difference in the fight to protect the earth. @francisalliance |HS-US-HS*| Salon D

Everyday Solidarity | L’Arche Greater Washington DC – Caitlin Smith  >> At L’Arche communities around the world people with and without intellectual disabilities share life together and experience mutuality that is at the heart of solidarity. Join our community members for engaging and joyful sharing about the gifts of people with disabilities. @larchegwdc |All Groups| Salon E

U.S. Policy: Systemic Links of Racism and Militarism, But Little Peacebuilding | Georgetown University/CMSM – Eli McCarthy >> This session will reveal the deep systemic links between racism and militarism in U.S. policy and the desperate need for the U.S. government to invest more in peacebuilding. How can we as individuals and communities advocate for specific funding to increase investment in peacemaking? @emccarthy3 |All Groups| Salon F

Right Relationship Through Economics | Jubilee USA – Kate Zeller >> During this session we will show how scripture calls for Jubilee, or the restoration of right relationships, and how that can be achieved through advocacy. @jubileeusa |All Groups| Salon G

Pope Francis & the Economy of Exclusion in the U.S. | PICO National Network – Joseph Fleming, Megan Black >> In this session we will unpack how the “economy of exclusion” and structural racism operate to push families to the margins, and how faith communities are organizing to change systems that create racial/economic exclusion. |All Groups| Salon H

Creating a Welcoming School for the LGBTQ Community | Xavier High School – Jack Raslowsky >> This session will explore how we best create welcoming schools for the LGBTQ community by considering three questions: What makes your school a welcoming community? What interferes with your school being a welcoming community? What concrete steps can you take when returning home to make your school more welcoming? |HS-US-HS*| Salon J

Under the Skin of Womanhood | Saint Martin de Porres High School – Sheina Cundiff, Genesis Gonzalez  >> This session will address the perception of being a woman and living up to standards that women are called to in our society. We will discuss the events that have shaped feminism, what it means to be a minority, and how as a society we can change the ideal perception of a woman. |HS-HS*| Salon K

Is Your Food Fair? Partnering With Farmworkers to Cultivate Justice in the Fields | Fair Food Alliance –  Sara Policastro, Carlos Izurieta >> We’ll dive into the history of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ (CIW) successful partnership with university students and faith communities around the country in the Campaign for Fair Food. Join us to learn how you can help expand these critical gains by getting involved in the CIW’s current movement to bring fast food holdout Wendy’s into the Fair Food fold! |All Groups| Skyview

Cultural Work and Public Witness | Francisco Herrera >> We will explore the ability to move hearts, minds, and issues in harmony with Gospel values as we participate in partnership with the Creator for a just world. The essence of the workshop will be to prepare the liturgical/cultural component of Monday’s public witness. Bring your creative self, and be ready to use your artistic self whether it be through music, written language, body movement, etc.|All Groups| See registration desk

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Organizations and individuals are called to share their work and passion for justice on the Teach-In MainStage or during one of three IFTJ breakout sessions.

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