Large-Scale Breakout Sessions

Saturday, 11/4, 8:20-9:10 PM

Panel Description: Brian Stolarz and Alfred Dewayne Brown will tell the heartbreaking and redemptive story of how Dewayne became the 154th death row exoneree in the US. Dewayne spent over 12 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and Brian was the attorney who ultimately set Dewayne free. Brian and Dewayne’s relationship has transformed from lawyer-client into a deep brotherhood that shows the power of faith, forgiveness, and perseverance

Dewayne’s case was riddled with injustice: prosecutorial misconduct, ineffective defense counsel, racial bias, corrupt police, and more. Sadly, these trends are all too common throughout the criminal justice system, especially in death penalty cases. Brian and Dewayne use their story as an example of why the death penalty needs to end in the United States and why the justice system is in desperate need of reform.

Alfred Dewayne Brown

Alfred Dewayne Brown was released from Texas’ notorious death row on June 8, 2015.  He spent 12 years and sixty-two days in prison for a crime he did not commit.  He was released as a result of exculpatory evidence which was withheld from his attorneys.  He lives in Louisiana and is enjoying his freedom in a peaceful, loving way.

Brian Stolarz


Brian W. Stolarz was Dewayne’s attorney for 8 years and represented him pro bono.  The relationship evolved from lawyer-client to one of true brotherhood, and Brian is honored to call Dewayne a friend and brother. Brian’s book, Grace and Justice on Death Row, which details his faith journey involved in representing Dewayne, premiered on the Washington Post best-sellers list. Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ, wrote the foreword for the book. Brian is a criminal defense attorney with LeClairRyan in Alexandria, VA.

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