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Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice 2019

Pre-Conference Sessions

The pre-conference sessions offer IFTJ participants an opportunity to extend their Teach-In experience and deepen their knowledge of social justice issues, connect with spirituality, and network with the Ignatian family. IFTJ pre-sessions are free unless noted but require registration.

PRE-SESSION #1 (11/16, 3:00-4:10)

Jesuit Martyrs:
Reflecting on their Legacy and What It Means to Us Today

Presenters: CRISPAZ and University of Central America, El Salvador

Thirty years ago six Jesuits and two lay women were murdered at the Jesuit university in San Salvador, El Salvador. These eight martyrs were just a few of the 70,000 innocent civilians killed during El Salvador’s 12-year civil war. What happened that night in 1989? How has it impacted El Salvador, the Catholic Church, Jesuit institutions? What can the martyrs teach us about how to respond to injustice today?

Rafael Garcilazo is the Communications Coordinator of CRISPAZ in El Salvador.
Andy Barrientos is the Delegation Coordinator of  CRISPAZ.
Aura Izabel Cuestas Diaz is an Architecture Student at the UCA in El Salvador.
Stephannie Carolina Tobar Genovez is a Chemical Engineering Student at the UCA.

Making the Connections: The UCA Martyrs and the Realities of Migration Today

Presenters: Bob Lassalle-Klein, Professor of Religious Studies and Philosophy, Holy Names University

On November 16, 1989, six Jesuits and two laywomen were killed in El Salvador by their country’s own military. They were just a few of the 70,000 innocent people killed during El Salvador’s 12-year civil war during which the U.S. provided upwards of $1 million dollars a day and significant military soldier training. Turn to today, and thousands of Salvadoran people have left their home country for the U.S. to escape gang activity, violence, and ongoing economic poverty. Come make connections between El Salvador at the time of the martyrs and the reasons people are fleeing the country today.

Bob Lassalle-Klein is the co-founder of the Oakland Catholic Worker, and the author of Blood and Ink: Ignacio Ellacuria, Jon Sobrino, and the Jesuit Martyrs of the University of Central America (2015), and Jon Sobrino: Spiritual Writings (2018). Fr. Sobrino, SJ, survivor of the 1989 Jesuit massacre, says Bob’s books call us “to take the crucified peoples down from the cross.”

Advocacy 101: How to Have an Effective Lobby Visit on the Hill (and back home)

Presenter: Alex Burnett and Charlotte Hakikson, NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice

Do you want to make sure you’re ready for Monday’s Advocacy Day? Would you like to understand how to organize an in-district lobby visit once you return home? If your answers to these questions are “yes,” then this session is for you! This workshop will go over the essential elements of an effective lobby visit from the moment you enter the office to the thank-you email. You will also get some ideas for how to build relationships with your Members of Congress back home, as well as their staff in-district. This session is best for folks who have never attended a lobby visit before—or would like to brush up on their skills.

Active Bystander Intervention Workshop

DC Peace Team and CMSM

Learn how to lives out the Christian faith of nonviolent love for all, illuminating the dignity of each person. At this active bystander workshop, explore methods and skills for assessing, disrupting, and de-escalating a situation of multi-party conflict or violence—situations you unexpectedly encounter on the street, at an event, at a party, on public transportation, at school, in the workplace, etc. The facilitator offers these trainings regularly with the DC Peace Team and participates in the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative to deepen the understanding and commitment to nonviolence in the Catholic church.

The DC Peace Team empowers ordinary civilians to increasingly serve their communities as nonviolent peacemakers. CMSM serves the leaders of U.S. Catholic religious orders and institutes.

Ignatian Yoga: An Embodied Practice of Prayer & Reflection

Pat Cassidy, Ignatian Yoga

As we enter into a weekend of learning, sharing, and taking action, let us first pause to take a look within to see how we are being called to live in this world. Yoga and Ignatian Spirituality come together to offer us the opportunity to connect with ourselves, others, and the Divine in a holistic manner which then allows us to be present and active in our days. Join us as we explore movement with our bodies, stillness with our minds, and growth within our beings. EveryBODY is welcome to join for this all-levels yoga session. No yoga experience or equipment is necessary to participate.

Fostering Rehabilitation: The Many Facets of Catholic Prison Ministry

Presenter: Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition

This session explores how Pope Francis’ act of visiting the incarcerated reveals the grave importance of extending oneself beyond comfort zones in order to pursue authentic relationships built on forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration.  The presenters and panelists will attest to how they have witnessed hope in their prison ministry and volunteer experiences.  They will also speak to the various ways one can engage in prison ministry and volunteer work as early as high school.  Please note, this session will include a presentation from 3:00-3:45pm and a panel discussion from 4:00-5:30pm (option to attend one or both sessions).

Pre-Session #2 (11/16, 4:30-5:40)

Young Alumni Happy Hour Q&A

Sr. Peggy O’Neill, S.C., Founder, Centro Arte Para la Paz
Emcee: James Martin, S.J.

Young alumni (ages 21-35), as well as current and former Jesuit Volunteers, are invited to attend a Q&A with Sr. Peggy O’Neill, S.C. with special guest emcee James Martin, S.J. The price includes one drink ticket and light appetizers.

This is a 21+ event; no undergraduate students will be permitted. Please note, this event starts at 4:15pm.

COST: $10

Death Penalty Documentary Screening

Catholic Mobilizing Network

Come join Catholic Mobilizing Network for an engaging new documentary about the death penalty. Stay for a short discussion after the film and learn how the Catholic faith calls us to build a restorative criminal justice system that foster a culture of life.

Living Theology, Transforming Our World: An Invitation to Prophetic Action

Jesuit School of Theology

Students from Santa Clara University’s Jesuit School of Theology (JST) will reflect on what prophetic action looks in their daily lives, and will lead a conversation about the ways JST’s immersion programs, field education, community engagement, and course work bring to life a faith that does justice. Session participants will develop an understanding of theological education and how it can be applied to one’s vocation in order to inspire radical hope, and prophetic action.

Journalism at the Intersection of Faith and Justice

America Media

Colleen Dulle, (Loyola New Orleans ’17) assistant producer for America Media and former O’Hare Fellow, will be joined by America Media’s newest O’Hare Fellows, Isabelle Senchelle (Creighton University ’19), Ryan D’Corpo (Fordham University ’19) and Kevin Jackson (Georgetown University 19′), to talk about how their work at America Media, and how they have combined their passion for faith, justice and media in their personal and professional endeavors.

Garbage and Justice: Working to Break Free From Poverty

International Samaritan

Meet International Samaritan’s Guatemala Program Director, Angelica Cancinos, who works hand in hand with people living in garbage dump communities to help them break out of poverty. Learn about the growing programs in Guatemala and how you can advocate and raise awareness about garbage dump poverty and hunger in your community. Former volunteers, future volunteers, friends from partner organizations, friends of International Samaritan, and anyone interested in learning more are invited.

Reviving the Faith-Rooted Civil Rights Movement


Our nation is facing a moral and political crisis. Hate crimes persist. White supremacist groups gain influence. Our criminal justice system disproportionately targets and disenfranchises people of color. Historically, the civil rights movement initiated structural change in the United States, however, the movement has left our country with some unfinished business. At this critical time, our nation and the world are desperately in need of the church and its leadership. This moment is calling for faith-rooted, faith-inspired leadership that is innovative and challenges our country to live up to its highest ideals.

High School Networking Sessions

A casual space for high school students and staff to get to know fellow high school delegations at the Teach-In. Facilitators will provide prompts for both small and large group conversations that open up reflection on the IFTJ theme and participants’ passions. Rooms will be capped at 40 participants to promote greater interaction.

T-Shirt Swap (11/16, 9:30-10:30pm)

You’re invited to the annual IFTJ t-shirt swap, a fun event that challenges you to interact with your fellow attendees! Bring a gently used t-shirt representing your institution (or a Jesuit/Catholic institution you are connected with, an alumnus of, etc.) to trade with someone from another institution. The swap will happen on Saturday night after closing prayer.

This event is open to everyone; no RSVP required. Just bring yourself and a T-shirt to swap!

Networking Lunches

November 17, 11:30am-1:10pm

Get to know the Ignatian family through one of the networking/special events hosted by ISN and partnering organizations.

Journey in Transformative Justice Through a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Framework

Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest

Room: Manassas

As we work toward social and ecological justice, we recognize in order to move toward transformative justice we must commit to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). This networking session is an inclusive, open conversation and involves exercises to examine our own understanding of DEI. We’ll apply these tools of awareness to daily life to our efforts toward transformative justice.

Religious Life: A Faith That Does Justice

Jesuit Vocations

Room: McLean

Have you ever thought of being a priest or religious? Responding to the call of Christ and rooted in Catholic Social Teaching, sisters and priests have been some of the strongest advocates for social justice. Come learn more about religious life and whether this might be the way Christ is calling you.

Approaching Hope: How Our Faith in Action Can Leave a Lasting Impact

Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Room: Alexandria

Join current and former Jesuit Volunteers for this discussion-based session that will explore how to sustainably work towards justice for all under-resourced groups. Session participants will explore faith in action, lasting community development, and how working together can lead us towards radical hope. Ultimately, facing the biggest challenge: how can we create a more just and hopeful world for the next generation?

Contemplatives in Action: Fostering Radical Hope in Graduate School

Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

Room: Mt. Vernon

How can graduate school nurture your commitment to justice? Graduate school, if effective in forming students to be agents of social justice, must foster a capacity for hope in a broken world. This session will offer an opportunity to reflect on how your gifts can be developed to better serve the needs of the Church and the world — no matter your field of interest. Hear from current graduate students about how they discerned graduate school as a path of discipleship.

Small Earth Stories: A National Catholic Reporter Workshop on Climate Change

National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company

Room: Fairfax

In his Laudato Si’ encyclical, Pope Francis calls for a radical change to address the climate crisis. As individuals, where do we start? How can we bring about this transformation? National Catholic Reporter’s EarthBeat reports on climate change from a faith perspective. Our Small Earth Stories capture specific ways that our readers respond to climate change in day-to-day life. In this workshop for climate change activists and aspiring journalists and writers, work with National Catholic Reporter editors and staff to share your own Small Earth Stories. Participants will have an opportunity to publish content to the EarthBeat website and social media.

Education for Justice

Ignatian Solidarity Network and Jane Deren, Ph.D.

Room: Suite 1729 (guest room area)

Education for Justice is a global digital subscription membership service that provides resources for those who wish to study, teach, and practice Catholic social tradition. This gathering is an opportunity to meet social justice educators from across the country, to share ideas and lesson plans, and to learn about the Education for Justice online subscription database, now a project of the Ignatian Solidarity Network.


Regis University

Room: Salon G

Join Emma and Regi, two of the IgnatianQ co-chairs, in an opportunity to explore the intersections of queer identity and faith, get more information about this year’s IgnatianQ, and do it all over a tasty lunch!

Pizza Party with Mary’s Meals USA

Mary’s Meals

Room: Salon F

Learn about how this worldwide grassroots organization is feeding 1.5 million children daily at their place of education. Mary’s Meals feeds children in the world’s poorest countries and is always looking for students at the high school and university levels to take a leadership role within their communities. Come have some pizza and learn how you can make a difference and become involved. FOOD+EDUCATION=HOPE.

Join the Jesuit Guadalajara Summer Program!

Jose Carlos Crocker Sandoval, Preparatoria Jesuita de Guadalajara

Room: Salon E

Live in Guadalajara, Mexico with a host family this summer, and experience social justice work supporting the migrants at the Jesuit-sponsored immigration center. Grow in a faith that does justice! This program is ideal for students in high school who want to grow in their understanding of the richness of Mexican culture, current issues of social injustice in Mexico, and Spanish language. June 26 – July 12, 2020. Lunch will be provided.

Join BGREEN ecological film festival!

OFICINA, the Jesuit Vocational School in Portugal

Room: Salon J

BGREEN is an ecological film festival hosted by OFICINA, the Jesuit Vocational School in Portugal. The festival gathers hundreds of high school youth worldwide to draw awareness of ecological sustainability through short films produced and directed by students. The theme for this year, the 10th anniversary, is EARTHABILITY: CHANGING MINDS, CHANGING HABITS. Come and learn how our faith complies us with the care for our common home!

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