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Assistant Director, Student Organizations & Leadership (SOL)

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Georgetown University

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Job Overview

As a part of the country’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit university, the Center for Social Justice (CSJ) animates the University’s Jesuit values and mission through its work in research, teaching, and service. A component of the work includes keeping with Georgetown University’s mission to educate people to be reflective lifelong learners and responsible and active participants in civic life and service to others and consistent with the university’s Catholic and Jesuit identity and its institutional commitment to pursuing justice and the common good.

The Assistant Director, Student Organizations and Leadership Development plays a key campus leadership role in advancing student formation and social justice leadership development drawing from a foundation of social and racial justice practices and theories. The position serves three important functions with the Center for Social Justice. First, the position is responsible for connecting Georgetown students to service and social justice opportunities through student organizations and oversees the work and leadership development of CSJ’s Advisory Board for Student Organizations (ABSO) and student organization leaders. Second, the position is responsible for coordinating CSJ-wide student social justice leadership development. Third, this position manages CSJ’s advising of student organizations and leadership development of organization leaders. The Assistant Director participates in CSJ activities and acts as a representative of CSJ in university-wide activities, such as cross-departmental committees, position searches and student organization activities, and it assists in building and strengthening ties with other departments within the University.

Work Interactions

Student Organizations and ABSO is one of CSJ’s professionally staffed programs. CSJ has more than 40 student-run social justice organizations, which complement the research and curricular work of the Center. This position reports directly to the Deputy Director of the Center for Social Justice, and works with students, University partners—such as the Office of the President and the Division of Student Affairs—and DC community partners. The position coordinates special events that call for collaboration across CSJ programs, with campus partners, and with community partners. The events and programs complement and enhance the interconnection of CSJ’s service programs, student organizations, research, and curricular work. In addition, some event coordination includes a leadership development component. This position manages CSJ’s student organization advising by leading staff advising strategy, training, and techniques across the CSJ team. The Assistant Director reports to the CSJ Deputy Director.

Requirements and Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in leadership, psychology, community development, or a related field
A Master’s Degree is highly preferred
A minimum of three to five years in community-based program management, student formation and leadership development, and/or comparable experience.
An understanding of student formation and leadership development
Commitment to social justice theories
A knowledge of Washington, DC is a plus
Prior experience in event planning, mentoring and advising, and board management is a plus
Prefer experience working with college students and volunteers, familiarity with university culture, and working in and with diverse communities

Student Organizations Administration and Development

Under CSJ’s Advisory Board for Student Organizations (ABSO), student organizations provide opportunities for Georgetown undergraduates’ leadership development and engagement in a wide variety of social justice issues. As such, this position is responsible for developing the necessary infrastructure for CSJ student organizations to effectively advance the University’s social justice mission through student formation, social justice leadership development, and community impact.

This position oversees the operations and activities of CSJ ABSO and is appointed as a non-voting, ex officio member of the ABSO Board to serve as the regular CSJ liaison to the administrative body. ABSO serves an advisory board to the Vice President of Student Affairs and the CSJ Executive Director. This position is responsible for oversight of CSJ student organizations’ financial management, activities, quality, and policy compliance.

The Assistant Director supports CSJ in managing and monitoring the University’s Access to Benefits, Student Organization Standards, and related policies and University values. The position supports student organizations’ financial spending, management, and compliance to relevant University financial policies. The Assistant Director supports CSJ’s compliance of the Protection of Minors (POM) policy and supervises a Justice Graduate Intern (JGI) to offer POM trainings throughout the year. The position track students’ POM compliance across CSJ student organizations and programs and generates a POM report to the Office of Compliance and Ethics each term. The position regularly reports ABSO’s activities to CSJ leadership.

The Assistant Director trains and supports the student board members on their administrative, fiduciary, governance, accountability, and student organization development responsibilities; facilitates reflection and advances team-building; and develops members’ peer advising skills. This position recruits and trains the faculty/staff voting ABSO members, and integrates these members into the Board’s work. This position is responsible for managing assessment and evaluation plans for ABSO and student organizations’ activities.

The position creates the appropriate infrastructure for effective fiduciary and programmatic oversight. This position is responsible for the complex administrative oversight of student organizations’ compliance with University and CSJ policies and tracking of this compliance. This position serves as a liaison to Student Affairs’ Council of Advisory Boards and other assigned committees with the Division of Student Affairs in relation to access to benefits across advisory boards and administrative bodies in support of student-run activities. This position collaborates with campus partners regularly.

Social Justice Leadership Co-Curricular Integration 

The Assistant Director creates a plan for and coordinates CSJ-wide student social justice leadership development. The programming enhances the interconnectedness of signature programs, student organizations, research, curricular work, campus partners, and community partners while emphasizing Georgetown Jesuit values and CSJ’s core commitments to racial justice and environmental justice. These programs incorporate important leadership development opportunities for student coordinators and leadership teams. The programs’ depth is shaped through student leadership development, reflection, intentional planning, and developing special events, projects, and activities to integrate justice issues. The programs’ depth is further enhanced through careful and intentional community and campus partnership development. This partnership development requires an ability to foster and manage relationships, including faithful, respectful, and deliberate representation of the University to non-University individuals and partners.

The CSJ Fall and Spring Student Leadership Retreats are bi-annual retreats before classes begin in the fall and spring semesters, and involves the student coordinators in CSJ signature programs, Justice Graduate Interns (JGIs), ABSO  Board members, Alternative Breaks Program Board members, Center Operations Interns, SIPS Fund Executive Committee members, and Van Gassers. The retreat may be off-campus and/or overnight. The position coordinates the retreat activities in collaboration with CSJ colleagues and returning student coordinators. The retreat advances student leadership development and foundational preparation, including Center-wide logistics, administration, and social justice. Retreat activities serve as a foundation for continued student leadership development across CSJ programs.

The Days of Service program organizes one-time community service days for the Georgetown University community. Hoyas for Others Day is a fall semester day of service to introduce and kick-off service activities and social justice engagement in CSJ signature programs and student organizations. The activity is targeted for first-year students but is open to the larger campus. The MLK Day of Service/MLK Evening of Hope is a University-wide activity for students, staff, faculty, and alumni as part of the Let Freedom Ring! Initiative. The MLK Day of Service/MLK Evening of Hope may be a service activity or community event.

This position also consults on or organizes additional days of service for other campus departments, schools, and student organizations. This position recruits volunteer undergraduate students in planning and implementing Days of Service. This work involves community outreach to develop service and justice opportunities; promoting service and social justice opportunities to students; monitoring and attending social justice service activities; events planning; monitoring budgets; develop reflection facilitation trainings; event evaluation and documentation; tracking of participation by students and non-profit organizations; and risk management.

CSJ Workshops provide professional development and in-service trainings for students participating in CSJ programs and student organizations. The workshops address a wide range of topics and issue areas, can involve practical skills, or build awareness about a social justice issue.

Overseeing Student Organization Advising

This position builds CSJ team members’ capacities to effectively oversee and advise student organizations. The position creates the advising strategy and infrastructure for CSJ advisors and content advisors.

This position is responsible for directly advising a large number of student organizations to support quality social justice programming and leadership development. This position works with ABSO and CSJ staff to implement quality training and resources for leadership skills, community engagement, assessment, student development, reflection, and organizational development.

This position supervises the Center for Social Justice Graduate Intern who coordinates the Center’s protection of minors and vulnerable populations trainings for student organizations and compliance with risk and protection of minors for all CSJ activities and programs. With CSJ ABSO, CSJ leadership, and the JGI, this position oversees the trainings for quality programming across student organizations, including officer trainings, financial trainings, new club development trainings, and other trainings as needed.

CSJ Activities, with special emphasis on summer programming

The Assistant Director participates in cross-program collaboration with other CSJ programs such as DC Schools Project, ASK, DC Reads, DC STEM, Jumpstart, HOME, SIPS, and Community-based Learning. This position has a significant role on the team that builds summer programming, including (but not limited to) the Summer Housing Community and summer high school academies in collaboration with the School for Continuing Studies (SCS). The Assistant Director also participates in CSJ activities, including attending staff and committee meetings and collaborations with other programs and University departments. The position will have responsibility to report on the collaborations to the Deputy Director, to CSJ leadership, to designated committee leads, and out to the CSJ team.

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