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The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for the business management and administrative functions within the Congregation’s Internal Services based at the Motherhouse. This position has direct supervision and/or coordination of the Congregation’s Internal Services departments and offices related to the following roles of the civil, nonprofit corporation. This includes the following:

·      Communications

·      Development

·      Finance Office (coordination only)

·      Human Resources

·      Information Services

·      Information Technologies

·      Motherhouse Administration

·      Congregational and Motherhouse Property

The COO will coordinate with the General Council to understand the Congregation’s vision and support implementation related to the following canonical responsibilities:

Area Delegates
Associates in Mission
Canonical Treasurer / CFO
Governance Processes
Health Care Coordinator
Initial Formation
Justice Initiatives
Ministry/Sister Services
Ministry of Spirituality
Mission Fund
Mission Integration
St. Joseph Villa
Sponsored Ministries

The COO also has frequent coordination with the Congregational Chief Financial Officer (Canonical Treasurer) to monitor and adjust operational expenses or other fiscal matters specific to operations.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
1.         Commits to the mission and vision of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chestnut Hill.

2.         Collaborates with the President and General Council to meet the Congregation’s administrative and operational needs of the civil, nonprofit corporation.

3.         Collaborates with the President and General Council to ensure the administrative systems respond to the Congregation members’ needs according to the direction of the Council.

4.         Maintains effective oversight, coordination and collaboration among assigned departments and offices. This includes meeting regularly to facilitate planning, goal setting, accountability, and implementation of administrative policies and procedures.

5.         Fosters respect for the Congregation’s mission, values and charism throughout Internal Services. This includes regular staff development and collaboration with Mission Integration for formation in mission, values and charism in accordance with the Congregation’s formation programs and policies.

6.         Cultivates a healthy work environment and facilitates effective communication between and among all staff members for whom the director has responsibility.

7.         Analyzes operations and procedures to recommend efficiencies and best practices.

8.         Receives recommended budgets and projections for departments, offices and capital improvements. Refines applicable Internal Services budgets for the CFO to compile and seek Council approval.

9.         Coordinating with the CFO to implement, monitor, and amend budgets as needed, preparing monthly reports to the Council and noting special requests or recommendations.

10.   Collaborates with the CFO and participates as directed in Congregation planning and implementation of capital improvement projects. Work with the CFO to elevate essential capital repairs to the Council for approval.

11.   Procures, manages and monitors all contracted services related to the Motherhouse such as physical plant, food services, utilities and other essential contracted services as directed by the General Council and coordinates with the Motherhouse administrator for everyday related functions.

12.   Coordinates with the Director of Communications, as needed, for Motherhouse Internal Services communications, events and activities.

13.   Prepares written reports and memoranda to inform Sisters and Partners in Mission of significant changes to Internal Services, policies or facilities.

14.   Represents the Congregation in external relations when appropriate.

15.   Supports the continuity of operations during transitions between elected terms of the General Council.

16.   Performs other duties as assigned.


Education:       Level of knowledge equivalent to a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree with an emphasis in human relations and management.

Experience:     Sufficient knowledge and experience in leadership and management principles, financial and human resource management, and project management. Prior experience working in an executive-level administrative capacity with institutes of women religious or sponsored works is desirable.

Skills and Competencies:

·      Sensitivity and respect for the Congregation’s culture, values and religious life.

·      Ability to communicate effectively and clearly by speaking, listening, and writing.

·      High level of initiative to develop and implement systems and services that enhance the environment and quality of life of all who interact with and work in Internal Services.

·      Ability to assess, define and resolve problems by identifying causes, gathering information, establishing facts, generating possible solutions and recommending options to Congregation leadership, through direct resolution.

·      Adaptability and willingness to be flexible and versatile in a changing work environment while maintaining effectiveness and efficiency. This includes dealing with numerous variables in situations where limited standardization exists.

·      Ability to think strategically by assessing options and actions based on trends and conditions in the environment, the mission and the values of the Congregation.

·      Possesses the leadership capacity to foster teamwork by planning, resolving conflicts and making decisions.

·      Possesses the leadership capacity to positively influence others to achieve results that are the best interest of the Congregation.

·      Demonstrates proficiency in computers, software and other technology essential to administrative and management functions.

Working Conditions:

·      Work is primarily performed in an office setting but will involve walking, sitting, driving and occasional lifting of items up to 10 pounds.

·      Work is performed in a tobacco-free environment.

·      Reasonable accommodations that do not create undue financial hardship for the Congregation would be considered to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Interested qualified applicants are asked to email cover letter and detailed resume to Human Resource Director, Pat Harrington at [email protected].

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