(2) Pastoral Leadership Positions: Evangelization, Liturgy, Faith Formation, or Outreach

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Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Northridge is looking for TWO well-rounded, dynamic individuals to work closely with the pastor and collaborate with staff and community members to embrace all God’s people, equip disciples, and accompany believers.  We are seeking individuals with experience implementing initiatives and building and leading teams in at least two of the following areas: evangelization, liturgy, faith formation, and outreach.

As a member of the senior parish staff, each Director is expected to:

  • Understand and promote the vision, mission, and ministries of the parish with the guidance and direction of the Pastor.
  • Actively support philosophy and goals of the Parish and participate in Parish activities including attending services, assisting with ministries and other activities.
  • Demonstrate highly developed organizational and leadership skills including ability to fluctuate effectively between multiple platforms of engagement including ministerial, pastoral, executive, liturgical/catechetical/evangelizing
  • Collaborate closely with the Pastor and with other members of the parish staff in the overall pastoral ministry of the parish
  • Contribute to the development of an evangelizing community by animating parishioners to the Good News within the home, workplace and neighborhood.
  • Exercise multicultural competencies to communicates and maintain relationships in a multilingual context with parishioners, parish staff, the diocese
  • Maintain effective working relationships with parish/school staff and all other ministries to coordinate activities, as appropriate.
  • Researches and keeps abreast of local, national, and global issues and trends to discern the “signs of the times” and address current realities in the Church and the world in light of the Gospel
  • Work effectively with others through utilizing leadership skills of collaboration, visioning, planning, communication, decision making, delegation, and conflict management
  • Collaborates with other staff to ensure Safe Environment certification for all engaged in parish ministry.
  • Advocates for evangelization as a primary consideration in all aspects

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To apply for this job email your details to employment@ollnr.org