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Assist in providing pastoral care to students with special attention to students’ experiential knowledge of Catholic social teaching achieved through volunteer service to others. Assist in implementing the strategic plan for the Office of Mission & Ministry and support the Director of Service Immersion & Social Justice. Support student programs, including local service opportunities and alternative spring break initiatives in a way that challenges students to deepen their understanding and practice of faith through the exploration of, and engagement in, social justice issues.

Essential Duties:
1. Support the Director in pursuing the annual goals of the Service and Society Justice team and the overall mission of Campus Ministry.
2. Provide opportunities for reflection and continued engagement with social justice issues, especially pertinent to the Providence College community.
3. Maintain current, short-term immersion programs (Jamaica and Guatemala) and investigate potential for future expansion.
4. Provide pastoral care and oversee student leaders on the Campus Ministry leadership team. Evaluate and attend to all partnerships to ensure a valuable experience for both students and community partners.
5. Oversee the campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity, with careful attention to Collegiate Challenge leader and participant formation.
6. Encourage faith formation through appropriate and meaningful programmatic activities.

Marginal Duties:
1. Perform all other duties as may be required.

Education and Experience Required
• Graduate Degree in theology, pastoral ministry, or a related field from an accredited institution required.
• Three to five years’ experience in a related field or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
• Experience in outreach and evangelization
• Must be a practicing Roman Catholic in good standing who is comfortable with, and knowledgeable about the faith.
• Must possess good teamwork and communications skills
• Must have a familiarity with the needs and interests of College students and a willingness to accommodate student schedules.
• Familiarity with Microsoft Office and other computer skills required

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