Rick Steves’ Program on Immigration

Rick Steves, the well know travel writer and PBS personality, has developed a public television special about hunger, hope and the impact of smart development aid in the Global South. He is introducing the program at Town Hall in Seattle on Sept. 8. The web link includes more information about the program and a short video that will be live after Sept. 8. This program comes from Rick’s passion for “Travel as a Political Act.” The program shares lessons learned while traveling in Guatemala and Ethiopia.

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Social Justice Parish Examen

St. Thomas More became the first Jesuit parish in Georgia in February 2016. Since then, the parish has used a parish-wide examen during weekend masses several times to guide the parish’s mission, leadership structure, and (most recently) social justice priorities for 2019. Attached is the examen we led for the social justice priorities this spring. These priorities help to give the relatively new social justice education and advocacy subcommittee direction, while the process facilitated communication between the parish and the committee.

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Organization Chart

Organization Chart to help parishioners understand the depth of options available at Bellarmine Chapel. One might create something similar for their own parish.

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Developing “Public Narratives” to engage others

At Bellarmine Chapel (Cincinnati), JustFaith “graduates” have prepared and shared “Public Narratives” (short talks, PNs can become e.g,. pulpit announcements and “graced history” reflections). Public Narratives are developed by leader-organizers to engage others (see introductory video (0:12:13, link) by Marshall Ganz and attached PN development workshop handouts from the Episcopal Diocese of California).

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“The Two Standards” video formation resource for JustFaith/CLC retreat

Fr. Pepe Ruiz, SJ (San Juan, Puerto Rico) graciously developed this online video, for a Dec. 2018 retreat of parish JustFaith “graduates,” now in Christian Life Communities. See attached retreat outline with other links.

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“Pacem in Terris: A New Hope to the World”

This online video was created by a teacher (Bellarmine parishioner) and students of Archbishop McNicholas High School in Cincinnati, Ohio in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Pope John XXIII’s landmark encyclical “Pacem in Terris.” Parish “graduates” of JustFaith formation (www.justfaith.org) in Christian Life Communities (CLCs) organized related public justice-education events. See attachment.

 Pacem in Terris Video

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Communications Presentation by St. Ignatius – Baltimore

Resources from St. Ignatius – Baltimore’s presentation on communications.

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Garden Build Flyer

We build gardens for our neighbors through Fresh is Better. This is our recruitment flyer.


Plant Sale Flyer

We hold a plant sale annually to support Fresh is Better, a garden project we coordinate in the community.


Skit on Civilize It

We used this during election season to encourage civil discourses.