St. Ignatius Pastoral Letter on Sanctuary Status

In November, 2017, on the Feast of Christ the King, St. Ignatius Parish San Francisco declared itself, along with St. Agnes Parish, a Sanctuary Community. Fr. Greg Bonfiglio issued a pastoral letter that summarized the process and discernment that lead to that declaration.


St. Ignatius and St. Agnes Joint Sanctuary Statement

St. Agnes and St. Ignatius parishes in San Francisco jointly declared their status as sanctuary parishes in November, 2017. St. Agnes had previously declared; the joint statement was a reflection of the decision to issue a joint statement by the two Jesuit parishes in San Francisco.


Sanctuary Discernment Process

In response to what was happening to migrants and refugees in early 2017, St. Ignatius Parish embarked on a discernment process to answer one question: Will St. Ignatius Parish declare itself a sanctuary parish or not? This is a brief summary of that process.


The Racial Healing Circles

St. Joe’s offered a five-week Racial Healing Circle utilizing the peacemaking circle process. This was a different way of talking about race and racism that is safe, preemptive and proactive; a way that was aimed at building strong relationships capable of holding the needed healing dialogues around race and racism. Each session was themed to give focus and attention to various aspects for racial healing (e.g., racial identity development, impacts of race and racism, implicit/unconscious racial bias, understanding racial privilege, and racial reconciliation). Racial healing has been described as a way of healing from the cumulative effects of racism —individual and societal— most likely caused by racial mis-education, separation, and disunity.  This series culminated with various groups within the Parish developing action items to continue their work for racial justice throughout the St. Joseph Parish community.  The process was facilitated by Dr. Pamela Taylor, a professor in the School of Education at Seattle University.  For more information contact Dr. Taylor at [email protected]

Pastor Statement: Family Separation at the Border

Pastor Statement from John Whitney, S.J. at St. Joseph’s parish on family separation at the border.


Ignatian Network Approach to Collaborative Framework

Presentation from Chris Kerr at the Jesuit Parish Justice Summit including: overview of Jesuit parishes in the US; ISN and Jesuit Conference of Canada and the US approach to immigration, racial justice, and environmental justice; and ways parishes can engage with ISN.


Garden Build Flyer

We build gardens for our neighbors through Fresh is Better. This is our recruitment flyer.


Plant Sale Flyer

We hold a plant sale annually to support Fresh is Better, a garden project we coordinate in the community.


Skit on Civilize It

We used this during election season to encourage civil discourses.


Meeting Agenda Template

This is the template we use for all meetings – this sample is for the Healthy Earth Team but it could be used for any meeting or group.