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Center of Concern

“The Center of Concern researches, educates, and advocates from Catholic social tradition to create a world where economic, political, and cultural systems promote sustainable flourishing of the global community.”

Link: https://www.coc.org/

A Theological Foundation of Ignatian Advocacy

“Following God’s example as related in the Genesis story, [Ignatian Advocacy] attempts to be both companion and collaborator in the processes by which its beneficiaries acquire the capacities they need, and it does so without substituting for their efforts or trying solve their problems from above.”

Special Report on Ecology: Healing a Broken World

“‘Healing a Broken World’ describes the rationale of establishing the Task Force on Jesuit Mission and Ecology (July-November 2010), the general vision that animates its analysis and recommendations, the context of the world, the Church and the Society of Jesus today, the relationship of ‘reconciliation with creation’ with faith, justice, inter-religious and cultural dialogue, and finally proposes a set of practical recommendations.”

Global Hunger and Poverty Fact Sheet

Hunger and poverty fact sheet from Bread for the World – “We live in the world’s wealthiest nation. Yet over 50 million Americans struggle to put food on the table. In the United States, hunger is not caused by a scarcity of food, but rather the continued prevalence of poverty. Worldwide, the number of hungry people has dropped significantly over the past two decades, but nearly 900 million people continue to struggle with hunger every day.”

Farmer’s Market Action Guide

“Ever wonder how you can connect your efforts to make your community healthier with your desire to do the right thing for farmers in developing countries? That’s where Oxfam can help. This season, join fellow volunteers at farmers’ markets around the country and help spread the word about the simple steps we can all take to support farmers worldwide.”