Ending Hunger in America – Stories in the Steps

As part of the Ending Hunger in America Campaign, Bread for the World has created an interactive website sharing stories and videos of people impacted by hunger. The page also outlines proposed steps to end hunger in America.

Source: Bread for the World
Link: http://hungerreport.org/profiles/

Christian Study Guide – 2014 Hunger Report

The Christian study guide for the 2014 Hunger Report is broken into 6 sessions. Each session features scripture passages, reflection questions, and tying scripture to current hunger trends.

Source: Bread for the World
Link: http://www.joomag.com/magazine/ending-hunger-in-america-2014-hunger-report-s/0603806001385413248

Working Poor in America

This report includes an overview of who the working poor are in America, the history of the minimum wage and why it is important to raise the minimum wage.

Source: Oxfam America
Link: http://www.oxfamamerica.org/static/media/files/Working-Poor-in-America-report-Oxfam-America.pdf


Working Poor in America Map

The map illustrates the percentages of low-wage workers who would benefit from a raise in the minimum wage to $10.10. The darker colors indicate higher concentrations of low-wage workers. Map can be sorted by district, state, and national level, as well as be gender and income level (below the poverty line vs. 200% below the poverty line)

Source: Oxfam America
Link: http://policy-practice.oxfamamerica.org/work/poverty-in-the-us/minimum-wage-map/

Poverty USA Gameshow Activity

Interactive powerpoint that allows participants to compete Jeopardy-style and learn more about poverty through a series of true/false questions

Source: Catholic Campaign for Human Development – Poverty USA
Link: http://www.usccb.org/about/catholic-campaign-for-human-development/upload/poverty-usa-game-show-edition.pdf

Snapshots of Poverty

Interactive activity: users explore the items on the tables of people living in poverty

Source: U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops – Poverty USA
Link: http://www.povertyusa.org/the-state-of-poverty/snapshots-of-poverty/

Poverty Rates Map

US poverty rates by county, state, and national level

Source: U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops – Poverty USA
Link: http://www.povertyusa.org/the-state-of-poverty/poverty-map-county/

Poverty USA Tour

“It’s one impossible choice after another—between food and medicine, getting to work or paying the heating bill. But there are ways out. Tour Poverty USA below and find out what life is like at the poverty line—and how you can help.”

Source: U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops – Poverty USA
Link: http://www.povertyusa.org/the-state-of-poverty/poverty-usa-tour/