Pedro Arrupe: His Life and Legacy Documentary

Georgetown University commissioned the film to honor Arrupe, who often is called the Jesuit’s “second founder” — after the order’s original founder St. Ignatius of Loyola — because of his wide reforms to the Jesuit order. The documentary includes interviews with Arrupe, footage of his life and work, and interviews with Jesuits who were closest to him.

Source: Georgetown University
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Pedro Arrupe’s Mysticism of Open Eyes

Kevin Burke S.J. outlines Pedro Arrupe’s life and work for peace and justice as the Superior General of the Jesuits through a “mysticism of open eyes”

Author: Kevin Burke, S.J.
Source: Jesuit School of Theology at Santa Clara University

Inside Jesuit Justice: A Forty Year Journey into the Public Square

Outlines the Jesuits’ articulations of the mission of faith and justice from the second Vatican Council through General Congregation 35.

Author: Fred Kammer, S.J.
Source: Jesuit Social Research Institute

Human Rights in Honduras Interview

Shaina Aber (Policy Director, Jesuit Conference Social & International Ministries) and Rev. Tom Greene, S.J. (Secretary for Social & International Ministries) recently visited Honduras to develop a deeper understanding of the volatile human rights situation facing the Central American country and how Jesuits and lay partners are responding. The interview offers perspectives on these realities and insights into ways that people here in the U.S. can support those who are marginalized by injustice through outreach and advocacy.

Men and Women for Others

Jesuit Superior General Pedro Arrupe, S.J.’s address to the Tenth International Congress of Jesuit Alumni of Europe in Spain in 1973. This address includes the famous “Today our prime educational objective must be to form men-and-women-for-others…” quote.

Author: Pedro Arrupe, S.J.

The Service of Faith and Promotion of Justice in Jesuit Higher Education

Jesuit Superior General Hans Kolvenbach, S.J.’s keynote address at the Justice in Higher Education Conference at Santa Clara University in 2000.

Author: Hans Kolvenbach, S.J.

Remembering the Jesuit Martyrs of El Salvador: Twenty Years On

Dean Brackley, S.J. shares the story of the Jesuit Martyrs of El Salvador.

Author: Dean Brackley, S.J.
Source: Thinking Faith