God’s Stunning Revelations

God’s Stunning Revelations

God's revelations are stunning—be it the images from the Webb telescope, or that, in our deeply broken world, we keep persisting and rising up, and with God’s grace, manage to do something right.

Ignatian Solidarity Network Welcomes New Members to Board of Directors: Mike Barkley, Barry Gilman, Christopher Kellerman, S.J., Deborale Richardson-Phillips, and Nicky Santos, S.J.

The ISN Board of Directors welcomes Mike Barkley, Barry Gilman, Christopher Kellerman S.J., Deborale Richardson-Phillips & Nicky Santos S.J.

Parish Justice Summit Explores Theme of Moving Forward Together

On June 15, 2022, 103 parish staff and parishioners from 48 parishes in the Jesuit and broader Catholic network across the U.S. gathered virtually for the Ignatian Solidarity Network’s 2022 Ignatian Parish Justice Summit.