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If it’s Good Enough for Baby Jesus…

BY NIKI JOHNSON | December 13, 2016 …then it’s good enough for my kids. Well before procreating, my husband and I had discussions about how to curb the consumer Christmas mentality within our family once children came along. In 2009 we had our first daughter. As the holidays approached, I wondered aloud to a friend […]

Niki Johnson

Nicole (Niki) Johnson is associate professor of religious studies and interdisciplinary studies at the University of Mount Union, where she also coordinates the Peacebuilding & Social Justice Program and serves as co-director of the Honors Program. Niki and her bff Glenn have three kids: two bio-daughters (Georgia, 7 and Cecilia, 5) and an adopted son (Noah, 2).

Current hobbies include trying to finish a sentence, fighting whine with wine, and trying not to become the Girl Scout Troop 60527 “Cookie Mom.”

Special skills involve translating 2yo-speak for a wider public and affording endless patience in explaining to a 5yo that no, those aren’t nuts in the lasagna, sweetie, just ground turkey.