Day 5, First Sunday of Lent: Taking the Long Way

I’ve always hated the phrase, “The devil’s in the details.” I've never understood why good people would allow for evil, or at best, mediocrity to rear its ugly head in conversations and strategies for equity. Our work towards building a just, more inclusive community more reflective of God’s image is stalled because our inconvenience is rationalized. “Well, we need to hire people of color, but they just don’t apply.” Or, “Fair trade is a good idea, but those companies are hard to get ahold of. Let’s just go with the people who called us back. They’re cheap and we can get our swag in 2 days!”

Day 4: Who Are You Choosing?

These readings come at a very interesting time: election season. Neighborhoods are canvassed with signs broadcasting the names of candidates. Our doors are answered to the tune of, “Can I have a moment of your time?” We navigate social media, TV ads, and debates that often contain "false accusations" and "malicious speech" about opponents, social groups, and individuals in our society. It can be a time of coming together or a time of greater division.

Day 3: Hoping in the Invisible

I once asked my parents why they had decided to undertake the frightening and dangerous journey of leaving Mexico and illegally entering the United States. Their answer: por ti, por nuestros hijos. “For you, for our children.” In that answer, they revealed to me that their sacrifices were eased by their immense hope. Even more astounding, they hoped in something physically invisible. They were willing to endure the pain, injustice and rejection that immigrants suffer in the Unites States for the sake of what are now their four Mexican-American children. They had faith that God would guide them in this journey and that we (their children) would fully flourish in this country.