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Killing in Our Name: Federal Executions and Pro-life Witness

RSVP link As the end of his administration approaches, President Trump has restarted the use of the federal death penalty. Since July there have been 10 executions with another three before he leaves office. These federal executions are the…

New Report Paints 2020 Death Penalty Use an “Aberration”

Following a 17-year hiatus from federal executions, the Trump administration initiated an unprecedented execution spree in 2020, resulting in a greater total number of executions than all U.S. states combined.

Catholic Mobilizing Network Condemns Tidal Wave of Federal Executions

The federal government plans to execute Brandon Bernard and Alfred Bourgeois on consecutive days this week—the latest executions in the Trump administration’s unprecedented 2020 killing spree. Catholic Mobilizing Network will host two Virtual Prayer Vigils this week on the afternoons of each scheduled execution.