Orlando: Jesuit Network Responds with Prayer & LGBT Community Solidarity

As the nation continues to process what has happened in Orlando, Jesuit institutions and leaders across the country have made their own offerings of prayer, remembrance, and invitations of solidarity.

Santa Clara University Announces Blue Ribbon Commission to Advance Diversity

SANTA CLARA, CA – In a time of heightened global attention to racial and social issues impacting people of color signified by unrest across the nation’s campuses, Santa Clara University has announced that they will initiate a Blue Ribbon Commission on Diversity and Inclusion. Other institutions in the Jesuit network are responding as well.
Saint Ignatius High School Fair Trade Team

Saint Ignatius High School Becomes Fair Trade School

Saint Ignatius High School became the second Jesuit high school in the U.S. to earn "Fair Trade School" status from Fair Trade Campaigns earlier this week.