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Independence Mission Schools is seeking candidates for both lunch aide and NDS food aide positions to work part-time and per day.  This position serves as the liaison (point person) between the school and Nutritional Development Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.


NDS workers are responsible for every aspect of the Child Nutrition programs at their school, including the distribution of menus; organizing information necessary to place a weekly food order to NDS; tracking inventory, including completing an inventory report each day; heating and serving meals and counting a point of service to determine which children received a claimable meal; completing daily reports, such as online reporting or reconciliation, production records and enrollment/absentee reports.


Daily Tasks Include:

Determine the number of meals to be prepared
Take the items to be served, as determined by the NDS menu or the substitution guide, out of cold storage and heat as necessary, checking and recording the final internal temperature of the hot items
Arrange all items for serving either on line or at the tables, or pack them for transport
Ensure that each child participating selects a claimable meal and document this at the point of service
Transfer information collected at the point of service into the online database or conduct reconciliation for PrimeroEdge
Complete production records for each serve day, making sure to include daily temperature logs for refrigerator and freezer units
Clear the line. Properly store all unselected, unopened, unheated components
Clean and sanitize serving line, trays, counters, transport items and equipment
Weekly Tasks Include:

Take inventory of items in storage
Place food order for the upcoming week(s)
Receive food delivery properly and store properly
Monthly Tasks Include:

Conduct a physical inventory of items in storage and complete inventory report
Ensure that reports submitted to NDS are accurate and submitted on time
Contact NDS with changes and corrections to student list
Make a copy of all monthly reports and mail completed report to NDS. All reports must be received no later than the 5th of the month.
File school copy of monthly reports. Keep these records on file for 3 years plus the current school year.
Ongoing Tasks Include:

Be aware of and encourage wellness activities at school
Be aware of children with allergies and share information with school nurse
Follow HACCP procedures, including keeping temperature logs, proper receiving, storage and cleaning procedures
Encourage participation in the program with the help of NDS staff
Keep equipment in good working order by cleaning on a regular basis
Report equipment problems to NDS as soon as they are observed
Forward to NDS copies of all health department inspection reports
Attend mandatory NDS training meetings
Maintain current ServSafe food safety certification

Love of children
Good organizational skills and attention to detail
Basic computer literacy
Good communication skills
Solid basic math skills
Ability to fill out forms, read reports generated by NDS, and identify discrepancies in reports
Ability to maintain confidential information
Flexible and open to change in regulations, duties, etc.
Works well under deadlines
Ability to lift 30 pounds
EOE: IMS is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and celebrates staff diversity. We strive to be and build a diverse team that is representative of our students and the communities in which we serve. If you identify as an individual of color, we highly encourage you to apply!

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