Director of IHM Mission Integration Sponosorship

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Director of IHM Mission Integration Sponsorship

Part-time, 20 hours per week, Exempt position


The Director of IHM Mission Integration for Sponsored Ministries ensures that IHM values are incorporated into all aspects of IHM sponsored ministries.




As staff to the Mission Integration Sponsorship Committee:

·        Develop and implement plans, with the Mission Integration Sponsorship Committee, to promote IHM beliefs, vision, and values within the context of mission and ministry.

·        Maintain relationships with IHM educational institutions. Act to provide IHM presence and the congregational mission integration site-review process for IHM these institutions.

·        Facilitate mutual interaction between the Congregation and the individual institutions, and among the institutions.

·        Make presentations to various publics and orientations.

·       Organize an annual meeting of IHM Leadership Council and administrators of the educational institutions.

·        Plan Mission Integration Sponsorship Committee meetings.

·        Collaborate with the IHM Communications Office, and those offices of the institutions, to see that sponsored institutions are appropriately represented in community publications and public media.

Collaborate with the Mission Integration Sponsorship Committee and Leadership Council to:

·        Provide periodic in-service training for all trustees, and specifically, IHM-appointed trustees.

·        Broaden research and involvement with sponsorship and mission integration issues.

·        Provide employee orientations within sponsored institutions.

Perform other duties of this position or related positions as may become necessary or as directed.



·       Master’s degree with preferred experience in Catholic traditions as related to Mission Integration and or Sponsorship

·       Administrative and facilitative skills

·       Ability to learn, understand and support IHM history, mission, and values.

·       Preference of experience in a position of leadership

·        Collaborative leadership style

·        Broad-based life and ministerial experience

·        Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written as well as public relations skills

·        Ability to maintain good relationships with others, regardless of personal preferences.

·        Ability to motivate participation, prioritize work effectively, function independently and multiple priorities.

·        Proficient with technology and use of Microsoft systems.

·        Valid driver license and safe driving record

·        Ability to speak read and understand the English language.


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