Faith-Based Study Guide on Climate Change

The faith-based study guide on global climate change has five progressive movements, beginning with identifying where people are in their life experiences, then engaging them in critical reflection on their experiences and relating those experiences to the Story and Vision of our Catholic faith. This process concludes by outlining the dimensions for future actions – by an individual, a group or an entire community. The end result is meant not only to change attitudes, but to change behaviors on behalf of solidarity with the world and the care of God’s creation.
Source: National Catholic Rural Life Conference

Christian Study Guide – 2014 Hunger Report

The Christian study guide for the 2014 Hunger Report is broken into 6 sessions. Each session features scripture passages, reflection questions, and tying scripture to current hunger trends.

Source: Bread for the World

Prayers Addressing Global Poverty

Includes Prayer to Confront Global Poverty, Prayer for the Hungry (Mealtime Prayer), Prayer for Peace, Prayer for Peace in the Holy Land, and Prayer Cards for Niger, Haiti, Ethiopia, and India.

Source: U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops – Catholics Confront Global Poverty

Quotes about Poverty from Pope Francis

Quotes about poverty from Pope Francis with reflection questions

Source: U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops – Catholics Confronting Global Poverty