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2-25-15 DunnfieldIn my work at the university I am blessed to work with women and men who are inspired to make positive change in our communities.

No challenge is too big. These students have grown their whole lives seeing pictures of our planet from outer space, and they seem to be able to conceptualize how our planet is a gift from God and those of us who inhabit it are all one community.

A major portion of the Lenten tradition is almsgiving. This means not just giving to the poor but holding the poor in our hearts and prayers. Our students are keenly aware of how the poor across the globe are greatly affected by rising oceans and major climate changes affecting subsistence farmers. Let us all pray for those brothers and sisters around the globe who are feeling awe and confusion as the planet they have known begins to behave in different and sometimes dangerous way.

Reflection Questions:

  • How have you found the face of God in the face of the poor?
  • What is one habit could you give up that is a small luxury to you, but quite likely has detrimental effects to poor half a world away?
  • Why is it hard to sometimes feel a connection to the rest of our global community?

Prayer for Community:

Thank You for creating us all to be in Your family.
Help us to remember this truth about us and so make
us more caring, more compassionate for our sisters and
brothers, members of our family, members of Your family,
through Jesus Crist, our brother.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Todd Dunfield is the Director of the Center for Community Action and Service Learning at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington.


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  1. Frank OBrien
    Frank OBrien says:

    Thanks for starting this discussion. What you are asking for people is to feel their needs, to empathize, not just send money or whatever they physically need. When someone approaches me to ask for something that I don’t have, my words SORRY must really mean it. Solving all the worlds problems is not required, just feeling them is.


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