Easter Sunday: Surprise in Love

Today’s Mass Readings

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The Resurrection recapitulates the story of Divine Love. It is the story of loving surprise and surprise in love. In today’s gospel, we learn from the most openhearted and passionate and marginalized how to sear433129488_1280x952ch and receive, how to open our hearts and lives to love.

Mary of Magdala journeyed through the shadow of the ignominious crucifixion of rabbi Jesus to reach the tomb of Love. She comes in love and in grief, ready to honor his body with the rituals of their people. But the grave is empty.

She weeps and wanders and wonders: Where is the Lord of her heart’s desire? For her, no angelic words can comfort (Jn. 20: 11-14). Still, the impossible, hopeful surprise: Jesus speaks her name and she turns in love’s recognition of the voice of the One who is the Lord of her heart’s desire. “Rabboni,” she cries! She is missioned to announce what is the greatest surprise and hope of life —the enduring Love of God.

Reflection Questions:

  • How will I respond today to Jesus’ invitation to announce life?
  • How will I embody the freedom and new life that Jesus means?
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