Day 36: The Truth Will Make You Free

BY MIKE ALLISON | April 5, 2017
Today’s Readings

At the entrance to the Weinberg Memorial Library in the heart of The University of Scranton campus, one encounters a quote from today’s reading from the Gospel of John. It reads, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free” (8:32).

In a sense, a liberal arts education from a Jesuit and Catholic university such as mine seeks to provide students with an education that liberates. A core curriculum introduces students to a wide range of courses across the different academic disciplines to help them find their vocation and discern how they might best serve their fellow citizens.

The liberal arts model of education, as well as reason, expertise, science, and the existence of facts, is under attack today by those who reject the emancipatory power of a liberal arts education.

However, while there is a great deal of truth that students can uncover with the assistance of the university’s library, today’s Gospel reading encourages us all to seek higher truth, the truth that Jesus offers through his teachings and his life. Jesus calls us, his students, to obey and act upon his teachings. In doing so, the truth that Jesus the teacher offers will set us free from the bondage of sin. That is liberation.

Reflection questions:   

  • How am I a slave to sin?
  • When have I sought answers in the library when I should have searched for answers in Jesus’ teachings?
  • When have I chosen ignorance over knowledge or education? Why? And what were the results?
  • In what ways have I failed to recognize that Jesus is the ultimate truth and that his teachings are what will liberate me from the bondage of sin?
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  1. allison Hinde
    allison Hinde says:

    Well, It asked if I sought for Christ in the library. Yes, i have picked up books here to read. and Christ is everywhere I have used the faith in Christ, innocence of a child at times, to find the correct answer. I know he has given the answer I need to other people as well as I may have the answer for somethings they need,. I did a reading this morning that all of us will doubt and that is part of the bondage of sin. We will all Sin we are human. But what it is when after we sin by going to confession and trying not to do it again that it is important.As well as knowing his teachings will help us to sin less or realize that we are sinning.


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