Good Friday | The Only Way to Easter

BY SR. SIMONE CAMPBELL, S.S.S. | April 19, 2019
Good Friday
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Good Friday—the day of anguish for those of us who follow Jesus. As a consequence of Jesus lifting up the needs of those who were suffering, he was condemned to death. As a consequence of irritating the religious leaders, Jesus was condemned to death. As a consequence of NOT “going along to get along,” Jesus was condemned to death.

What a challenging road to follow!

Today in our nation, we followers are called to similar actions. We approach many blind politicians and urge them to respond to the needs of low income and struggling people in our society—and they call us socialists.

We approach the Trump administration to get them to stop imposing punitive policies that tear families apart at the border—and they call us traitors.

I get invited to speak at a parish as part of their Lenten series and then I get uninvited because I am considered too controversial.

We are not literally condemned to death these days, but faithfulness has a price.

The good news amongst the suffering is that in the struggle for fidelity, we are seen by our loving God. As the reading from Hebrews points out: Jesus the Christ is not separate or apart. Jesus the Christ knows our struggles because he lived them too. Jesus the Christ remained faithful “unto death.”

In this turbulent world, let us make our every breath a prayer that we might be faithful to those living in economic poverty and struggling to find their way. Let us make every breath a prayer for our beleaguered earth. Let us make every breath a prayer for help to live Jesus’ way of love—without regard for the consequences.

My fellow Christians, together let us “take courage and be stouthearted all who hope in the Lord.” This communal quest is the only way to Easter.

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  1. George Bur, S.J.
    George Bur, S.J. says:

    Thank you, Sister Simone, for bringing your long experience with social justice to these Ignatian pages. You listen to the voices of the poor in every part of our nation. Nevertheless, I know you are not welcome at every discussion of church and state. But should Catholics want to engage you, they know that you will treat them with respect.

  2. MariaMagnolia
    MariaMagnolia says:

    Thank you, Sr. Simone. Please keep Nicaragua in your prayers on this Good Friday, the first anniversary of deaths to those who refused to NOT “going along to get along.” Social justice for all.

  3. Steve Ringkamp
    Steve Ringkamp says:

    God has no body now, but yours.
    No hands, no feet on earth, but yours.
    Yours are the eyes through which
    God looks compassion into the world.
    Yours are the feet
    with which God walks to do good.
    Yours are the hands
    with which God blesses the world.

    Inspired by Theresa of Avila.

  4. Marcella Fox
    Marcella Fox says:

    Thank you Sister Simone. You are a woman of faith, heart and courage. It is sad that we live at a time where many Catholic leaders are hiding in the upper room, afraid that the good news is for everybody, especially the poor (after all the poor are not supporting their extravagant lifestyles). Let’s all follow your example and that of Jesus…”Do NOT BE Afraid! I am with you.”

  5. Cindy Ritter
    Cindy Ritter says:

    Sister Simone….love your thoughts and hopes and calls for action! I have one of your Nuns on the Bus shirts so I know you practice what you preach! Have a blessed Easter!


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