How Will You Rise Up?

BY MADDIE LAFORGE | June 15, 2020
Sunday’s Readings

We, though many, are one body
          Broken, bloodied.
For we all partake in the one loaf
          Sometimes kindly and generously
          Other times blindly or selfishly
We all partake in this one, broken Body of Christ

On the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of
Christ, the readings help us remember our
collective, sacred story. 

We remember that we are a holy people
          Called out of slavery
               Led into the desert
                    Promised liberation

We remember that we are a covenant people
          Nourished by bread
               Sustained by Christ
                    Promised salvation

rise up

When we eat this bread and drink this blood,
We remember 

The Body of Christ
          Bones broken; skin bloodied
               Tortured, killed
                    Hanging on a tree

When we take and eat,
We partake

In the Sacred Mystery
          And the cruel injustice
               And the loved poured out

We, though many
          Outraged and angered
          Hateful and hurtful
Are one body
                    And bound by love

At times it has been a harsh and dreadful
thing; our very faith in love has been tried
through fire.
          Yet, we rise up. 

When we come to the table,
We participate
          In Christ’s fellowship.
We renew our promise
          To God and one another.

Eucharistic solidarity is not a vague feeling of
compassion or shallow distress. It is an
attitude and a praxis, a firm and persevering
commitment to the common good.

We are all really responsible for all, that is to
say my liberation is tied up with yours. 

Salvation through Christ calls us and leads us
to participation,
To a nourishing and sustaining presence,
          To thick solidarity.

Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life. 

How will you rise up and participate? 

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