The Proof the World Has Been Waiting For

The Proof the World Has Been Waiting For

BY ALLISON LOECKE | May 29, 2023
Sunday’s Readings

When my niece Lucy lost her tooth a few years ago, she tucked it under her pillow with a note that said, “Dear Tooth Fairy, can I please have some fairy dust?” Apparently, a silver dollar wasn’t going to cut it this time. The next day she came down to breakfast clutching a note and exclaimed, “This is the proof I’ve been waiting for!” Along with a silver dollar was a note under her pillow that read, “Dear Lucy, thank you for the note! I left you some fairy dust, but it is so small it can’t be seen by the human eye. I hope you enjoy it, even if you can’t see it! Keep up the good brushing!” Indeed, the proof she had been waiting for was….not able to be seen. Oh, to have the faith of a child…

The Proof the World Has Been Waiting For

We have always been skeptical people. And for good reason! Checking multiple sources and verifying credibility is important, but when it comes to our faith, we must allow mystery. On Pentecost Sunday, the disciples encounter another one of these mysteries of faith—something that couldn’t be seen—the descent of the Holy Spirit. Transformed into fire and wind, this third piece of the Trinity marks the beginning of the Christian church’s mission in the world. Armed with the Holy Spirit, we are called to be people of faith, people of joyful hope, people who believe in what we cannot see, people who tell stories of God’s love in our life. We are, in fact, chosen to be the living, working, breathing “proof” of God in a broken and desperate world.

The Psalmist cries out, “Lord, send out your spirit, and renew the face of the earth.” Where does our world need renewal? Who among us needs to know they are loved? We are the proof of Pentecost—we are the proof the world has been waiting for.

For Reflection:

  • Where does our world need renewal? Who among us needs to know they are loved?
  • How can you live into being “proof” of God in a broken and desperate world?


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  1. sonja
    sonja says:

    Who needs to be loved?
    I need to manifest the source of love in my heart to my children and my employer in practical visible ways. When they are tired and weary and full of despair, I need to mirror the love and peace that constantly emanates from nature, rather than reflect their state of mind.
    God is love. But how will anyone know that if it is not manifest in me?

  2. Dr. Eileen Quinn Knight
    Dr. Eileen Quinn Knight says:

    The gifts of the Holy Spirit help me to challenge myself to practice them more intentionally and consistently in my life. If it is patience, I will be patient with myself and the people who come into my life who need patience. If it is understanding, I will understand and listen to the person who speaks to me. If it is wisdom, I will reflect on the ordination of our 5 men for the Archdiocese of Chicago and pray that they will have the wisdom to answer the needs of all they meet. If it it counsel, I will try to comfort them through their struggles and joys. If it is fortitude, I will perservere in difficult times as the Gospel message takes courage and fortitude. If it is knowledge, I will learn what is needed to bring the truth to others. If it is piety, I will show reference for others and for the ceremonies that we have to assist others. If it is fear of the Lord, I will have respect and care for all whom I meet and I will respect our God in His ultimate glory. I know I have work to do and I invite others to take these gifts of the Holy Spirit seriously as we all transform the world in which we live. Mday the Holy Spirit bless us all.


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