ARCHIVED WEBINAR: The Workers Rights Consortium: Share the Mission

Is your institution a member of the Workers Rights Consortium (WRC) OR would you like them to become one? Are interested in learning more about how the WRC supports school's efforts for worker justice? Join WRC executive director Scott Nova to learn about their work, how they partner with educational students, and what you can do to share in their mission of combating sweatshops and protecting the rights of workers who make licensed school apparel and other products.

ARCHIVED WEBINAR: How to Stand with the Displaced of Colombia

For students, staff, and parishioners interested in learning about the Jesuits' work with displaced people in Colombia, the recent threats to the Colombian Jesuit Provincial, and how to stand in solidarity with the people of Colombia in your school and parish communities!
alta gracia

ARCHIVED WEBINAR: Bringing Alta Gracia to Your High School

BRINGING ALTA GRACIA TO YOUR HIGH SCHOOL & COMMUNITY: TEACHING ABOUT ALTA GRACIA RECORDED: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 Description: For high school students and staff interested in learning more about Alta Gracia and how to bring it…