Now Discern This: Little Mermaid, Big Problems

Now Discern This: Little Mermaid, Big Problems

The film The Little Mermaid struck me as a cautionary tale about clinging too tightly to the illusion of happiness. To assuming happiness can only be found somewhere other than right where we are. We grow so attached to what we believe will bring us happiness that we fail to embrace the joy present here, now.

Boosting God’s Signal

In the chaos of the world—in our own small roles—we can manifest peace to others in our everyday lives. We can be available. When we hear the cry, we can be the ones who respond.

8 Steps Toward Being an Antiracist Parent

The work of antiracism isn’t just for adults—check out eight ways that you can work toward raising antiracist children, from the Antiracism Task Force at St. Ignatius Church in Baltimore.