Nicaragua, Nicaragüita

Dany Díaz Mejía, a native of rural Honduras and a John Carroll University alum writes: It is time for Honduras to do something for Nicaraguan democracy, and not for those who corrupt it.

On DACA Federal Court Decision, ISN Continues to Call for Congressional Action

It is with renewed interest that we continue to call on Congress to pass legislation that will guarantee a path to legal status, and ultimately citizenship, for DACA recipients, as well as for the nearly 11 million undocumented people who have come to call this country their home.

Mission as a Common Thread: Oak Flat Prayer Run and Brophy College Prep

Brophy College Prep's Native American club shares the story of their prayer run for Oak Flat—a sacred Native American site threatened with destruction by copper mining. The team, though diverse in background, shared a common thread—they were inspired by the Jesuit mission of their school to act as men and women for others in pursuit of a more just vision of our Common Home.