Man as God’s Microphone: 11 Quotes to Celebrate the Life and Voice of Oscar Romero

August 15th is Archbishop Oscar Romero's birthday - he would have been 97. In honor of his birth, our summer interns from Walsh Jesuit High School put together a collection of 11 Romero quotes they find most meaningful.
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What is driving people from Central America?

Migration from the Northern Triangle of Central America — El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras — has risen steadily as violence has increased. Mary Small of Jesuit Refugee Service/USA and Shaina Aber of the United States Jesuit Conference explain what is driving people to flee for their lives.
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Blood & Ink: The Jesuit Martyrs & Prophetic Work for Justice

Bob Lassalle-Klein, Ph.D., offers tremendous insights into the lives of the Jesuit martyrs and the reality of the Church of El Salvador in his recently published book entitled, "Blood and Ink: Ignacio Ellacuria, Jon Sobrino, and the Jesuit Martyrs of the University of Central America."