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Who will hold the U.S. accountable for a rush to deport the most vulnerable?

On a personal note as someone who works regularly with Honduran Jesuits and lay-colleagues, and has visited the vacant neighborhoods, besieged schools and communities in San Pedro, Progreso, and Teguz, I’m shocked by the choices my government is currently making. I expect better.
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Do Not Deport the Children!

Do not deport these children. Protect them. Help them reunite with their families. Welcome the stranger. Welcome the children.
Child detainees sleep in a holding cell at a US Customs and Border Protection processing facility (Reuters/Eric Gay/Pool)
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Unaccompanied Children: Something is Not Right In Our Hemisphere

Over the past month, the media has been filled with theories about why unaccompanied Central American children are streaming across our border in record numbers.