Though Father Nicolas Kluiters originally studied business and art, he still joined the Society of Jesus at age 25 in his home country of Holland. In 1966, his request to be sent to Lebanon was granted. Once there, he completed his novitiate, studied Arabic from 1966-1968, and studied the social sciences from 1968-1969. Following that, he studied philosophy and theology in Lebanon and France and was ordained a priest in 1973 in Amsterdam. In 1974, he began serving the poor in isolated Maronite villages from his base in the Taanayel monastery in the Bekaa valley. In 1977, he began working in the village of Barqa, where he helped renovate a church, build a home for a priest, and construct a school and a monastery.

However, when Father Kluiters was returning from celebrating mass in Hermel on March 13, 1985, he disappeared. After 17 days, on April 1, his dead body was discovered in a ditch; it showed signs of having been shot, hanged, and stabbed. He was only 44 years old.