Miracles at Oak Flat: Brophy College Prep’s Native American Club’s Run for Indigenous Rights and Environmental Justice

Called by an Ignatian faith that does justice, the Brophy College Prep Native American Club ran 188 miles to Oak Flat, a site sacred to the San Carlos Apache and other tribes, under threat by attempts to mine a vast copper deposit directly under the site.

Everyone Needs an Aliento: Partnerships and State-Level Advocacy at Brophy College Preparatory

Two teachers at Brophy College Prep in Phoenix, Arizona share their model for effective state-level advocacy: leveraging their Jesuit school's place as a community power-broker, developing robust community partnerships and student leadership, and "getting out of the way."

From Guilt to Responsibility

Renewal is a remedy for tiredness, hopelessness, and guilt. Trusting in our goodness as God sees it transforms guilt into responsibility.