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Caring for Our Common Home: Our Hope Filled Future

As part of the University's celebration of the Ignatian Year, John Carroll University is hosting an virtual international panel of students who will share their concerns and hopes about climate change and our individual and institutional responses to this ecological, social, and economic humanitarian crisis.  

Jesuit School Alumnus Joins Hunger Strike for Climate Action

A graduate of Gonzaga College High School and Loyola University Chicago is on day eight of a hunger strike outside of the White House, demanding that President Biden follow through on his campaign promise to pass climate policy that matches the urgency and the scale of the current climate emergency.

tUrn: University-Wide Climate Crisis Awareness & Action

What is tUrn?  An invitation to all members of higher education institutions and partner networks, alumni, & community members to lean in to the climate crisis because it is time. And we must. Whose tUrn is it?  tUrn offers an invitation…